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We understand that matters requiring family law intervention can be emotional and frustrating, particularly when children are involved. We can help resolve the situation to help you achieve the results you want. We strongly advocate a collaborative approach wherever possible, avoiding unnecessary court costs, to get an outcome that is acceptable to all parties. However, should your case need to go to court, our Senior Family Lawyers with more than three decades of experience are available to help you in securing a successful result.

We have worked with clients nationally and internationally, with a variety of needs and circumstances and you will have this collective experience helping you through this delicate process. Read more 

Key Contacts

Ishratara Islam

Ishratara has built a good rapport with barristers and third-party agents which assists in ensuring smooth progression of cases.  

She has many years of experience in representing vulnerable clients and has earned a strong reputation as a solicitor who works tirelessly for her clients. She is renowned for her excellent client care skills and ability to guide clients through the legal process with the utmost ease and reassurance.

Being an accredited member of the Law Society Advanced Family Law Panel and a Resolution Member, her clients can be rest assured that they are in good hands.

Ishratara Islam | Head of the Family Department | Farani Taylor Solicitors
Shahzad Saeed | Business Immigration | Farani Taylor Solcitors

Shahzad Saeed

Shahzad provides families and individuals legal advice in regards to relationship breakdowns, financial settlements, and child arrangements. His pragmatic approach combined with his practical expertise, therefore, allows him to support clients throughout the process.

He is also extremely successful, working with clients, tailoring advice to suit their specific family situation. Offering an initial consultation, which encompasses the generalities of the case followed by an initial bespoke plan.

His team negotiate with the other side on your behalf, organise any mediation, draft and prepare legal documents and applications and submit to the court, if necessary.

Sally Masango

Sally advises and represenst clients on all areas of family law (Matrimonial Finance, Divorce/Dissolution, Domestic violence, Private Law – Children Matters, Public Law – Children Matters). She has worked with a broad spectrum of clients from different backgrounds. Sally has experience working on complex Public Law children’s matters with more emphasis on Child Care Proceedings were she represent vulnerable parents at Child Protection Case conferences and Court proceedings.

Sally Masango | Family Law Solictior | Farani Taylor


"I highly recommend shahzad saeed, he handled my financial settlement/family matters professionally as well proving my case with the proper mannerisms and attention required. I got the best results of my situation all thanks to him . High recommend him!!"
Rita Barki
"Shahzad Saeed handled our settlement visa application in a thoroughly professional manner. We are happy that, in choosing a solicitor, we made the right choice."
Arif Khan
"Very pleased with the services received from Fahmida & Ishratara. Top professional and hardworking solicitors. Thank you."
Nasser Abou Khachab


How old does a child have to be to decide which parent they live with in the UK?

In England and Wales a child must be 16 in order for them to decide who they live with, unless there are Court Orders in place that state otherwise. You can allow younger children to have a say in this decision but their decision alone will not provide any legal standing.

Does adultery affect divorce settlements in the UK?

There are many misconceptions surrounding divorce, particularly that adultery will financially impact the outcome. The act of adultery, although upsetting, doesn’t usually make any difference to the overall decision regarding assets. A court is not usually interested in why the marriage ended and  tends to look more carefully at resources available to both parties and how they can be divided fairly.

What is a child arrangements order?

A Child Arrangement Order or CAO is an agreement made under UK family law pertaining to where a child will live or who they can have contact with.

How much does family court cost?

Going to court can be very expensive, so it is imperative you choose the right representative from the beginning to ensure your divorce or child arrangements are managed professionally, efficiently and cost effectively.

How do I start a divorce petition?

You can mutually arrange an agreement for your divorce and mutual assets, however, this alone is not legally binding.

In order to make the divorce ‘official’ you will need the support of a family law solicitor who can initiate proceedings. 

If you and your partner are unable to meet a resolution together before this stage, you can go through the process of mediation or again, enlist the help of an experienced family law solicitor who will guide you through the process and help secure a better outcome for your circumstances.

Can a solicitor represent a family member in the UK?

Solicitors are not allowed to represent you if they are a friend or family member, or have been associated with you as a couple during your marriage due to conflict of interest.

Can you help with civil partnership dissolution?

Yes, our family law solicitors have a wealth of experience in civil partnership dissolution and can therefore provide you with more options and better solutions for your circumstances. Please note, before you apply, you can only dissolve a civil partnership in England and Wales if you have been in one for a year.

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