Boris Johnson opens the door to three million Hong Kong nationals

Following the passing of controversial security laws, making it a criminal offence to criticise the Chinese government in Hong Kong. Boris Johnson announced an offer to any Hong Kong citizens with British National Overseas (BNO) status can apply for five year work or student visas. After this, they can claim citizenship following a further12-month period.

Despite the warnings that passing the legislation would contravene the freedom of speech and protest protected by the UK-China treaty in 1984. China did so. This prompting a response from both Dominic Raab and Boris Johnson.

Currently Hong Kong citizens with BNO status are only entitled to six months visa-free access. The new provision supersedes, providing visas for five years. It is to be disclosed shortly. Hong Kongers are further exempt from meeting various salary thresholds that exist in other Visa categories.

The new provision has no upper threshold and could mean up to three million Hong Kongers could migrate to the UK.

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