28th February 2020

Possible Legal Aid Reform

The government today announced a consultation in to reforming Legal Aid funding for criminal law. Proposals are for an estimated £32million to £50million increase in funding for criminal advocates and solicitors. Further funding is to ensure the system is sustainable and protect those unable to afford legal representation. What are the proposals? To increase the…
18th December 2019

At risk of a driving ban?

Christmas period is a time for family and fun. However, Home Office statistics show that 20% of all breathalyser tests are conducted in December. Further, 8% of those tested fail. A fifth of drivers are caught in the morning after drinking the previous evening. Drink Driving Limits Anyone could be required to take a breath…
30th April 2019

What to Do if You Get Caught Drink-Driving

We all know that drinking and driving is a big no-no, as it can result in serious and even fatal accidents due to the alcohol affecting your reactions and responses on the road. However, every year many people get stopped and breathalysed. For those that are even slightly over the legal limit, it can mean…