Hamidullah Khan | Director | Farani Taylor Solicitors
19th October 2021

Meet Hamidullah Khan

Hamidullah Khan is a Director and Solicitor, specialising in Housing, Probate and Litigation discusses housing and tenancy rights. He is known for his methodical approach combined with excellent client service. Hamidullah is an experienced Civil Litigation, Housing and Welfare Benefit Solicitor-Advocate. We ask Hamidullah some key questions on legal issues surrounding housing. What made you…
Tenancy Rights | Housing | Farani Taylor Solicitors
12th October 2021

Tenancy Rights explained

Following the opening up of the economy, many face uncertainty regarding eviction but are unaware of their legal tenancy rights. If you have a problem with your landlord then it is essential that you know your rights. Our housing team has years of experience dealing with these matters. What are my rights as a tenant?…
Paper showing the status of the furlough.
28th July 2021

What should be considered at the end of furlough?

Experts have warned that the end of furlough and the boost to Universal Credit could lead to an ‘avalanche of homelessness’. The government intends to end these furlough schemes in September which combined with the eviction ban having ended May 31st there is serious concern. Further, the end of furlough might led to a rise…
18th September 2020

Eviction ban extension due to end

The government extended the original ban until the 20th September 2020. There is a fear that thousands of renters might lose their homes and be threatened by homelessness. Currently private landlords have excepted that they need to foot the bill for the lack of rent. However, with that due to end this could lead to…