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4th September 2019

What are Child Care Proceedings?

Sally Masango discusses the importance of understanding Child Care Proceedings and our role in helping clients. Child Care Proceedings We, at Farani Taylor Solicitors, hold a legal Aid Franchise in Family Matters. Should your child be a subject of Care proceedings, we can offer full public funding to regardless of financial means. The local authority…
2nd July 2019

Sole Representative Visa Route

Adeeb Chowdhry and Soneela Raheel discuss the fairly unknown Sole Representative Visa Application Route and how it is becoming increasingly more popular for business men and women across the world. The route has been overshadowed by the popularity of the Tier 1 Entrepreneurial route. However, since the Entrepreneurial route has been closed, the Sole Representative…
James Sherratt
15th May 2019

Farani Taylor Court of Appeal Win Sets Precedent

James Sherratt and Farhan Farani of Farani Taylor Solicitors represented Pakistan International Airlines Corporation Limited (PIA) in a successful appeal to the Court of Appeal in England and Wales. The Court of Appeal overturned an earlier finding from the High Court in June 2017. The original judgement found PIA had exercised economic duress when terminating…
Gustavo Bussmann
30th April 2019

Human Rights Lawyer joins Farani Taylor

Farani Taylor Solicitors is very proud to welcome Gustavo Bussmann as part of the team. Gustavo Bussman He is an expert in Human Rights and International Law. He has 7 years experience and is extremely skilled and knowledgeable. He has dealt with a range of cases including some brought to the Supreme Court and International…