Hamidullah Khan | Director | Farani Taylor Solicitors
19th October 2021

Meet Hamidullah Khan

Hamidullah Khan is a Director and Solicitor, specialising in Housing, Probate and Litigation discusses housing and tenancy rights. He is known for his methodical approach combined with excellent client service. Hamidullah is an experienced Civil Litigation, Housing and Welfare Benefit Solicitor-Advocate. We ask Hamidullah some key questions on legal issues surrounding housing. What made you…
3rd September 2021

Supreme Court rules in favour of Pakistan International Airlines Corporation in landmark economic duress case

James Sherratt, Director and Solicitor, represented Pakistan International Airlines Corporation (PIAC) in this recent historic case. It revolves around a claim that a travel firm, Times Travel, was under economic duress and forced to sign a new contract regarding the sale of airline tickets. Therefore, they argued that there was no other practical option than…
James Sherratt
15th May 2019

Farani Taylor Court of Appeal Win Sets Precedent

James Sherratt and Farhan Farani of Farani Taylor Solicitors represented Pakistan International Airlines Corporation Limited (PIA) in a successful appeal to the Court of Appeal in England and Wales. The Court of Appeal overturned an earlier finding from the High Court in June 2017. The original judgement found PIA had exercised economic duress when terminating…