Are you concerned about you and your children’s UK immigration status?

UK immigration laws are quite complex and can be extremely confusing. Many applicants may not know how or when to apply for residency or status.

What would application should you be using for your child?

Children may be seen as living here illegally if they have no UK Visa or stayed longer than that Visa. However, if this is your child it is best to apply prior to them turning 18 years old. The application process is usually easier for a child. They then are able to continue in education and be able to work once old enough to do so.

If you are also concerned about your own status as well as your child’s, you may be able to stay if your child’s application is successful.

If you child is born outside the UK then we would need to apply for ‘leave on the grounds of private life’. We can guide you through the process.

If your child was born in the UK then we have options of registering your child as a British citizen or applying for ‘leave on the grounds of private life’.

So when would you apply for ‘leave on the grounds of private life’ for your child?

You can apply for this route when your child has lived in the UK for 7 years.

The application is more likely to succeed if the child has a reason not to leave the UK, such as they need to continue their education or need medical treatment.

Remember there will be costs involved, there are our solicitor fees, Home Office application fees, payments to the NHS. The fees will be chargeable again on renewal of the application after two and a half years.

If you cannot afford the fees, we can organise fee waivers.

When should you apply for a fee waiver?

The Home Office showed that approximately 70% of fee waiver cases have been rejected. A Guardian report indicated that 69% of fee waiver applications were rejected for applications made by minors. The report also showed a decrease in the number of applications and increase in Home Office fees.

The issue with Fee Waiver applications is that the applicants tend not to be able to provide enough evidence of destitution. Many are not collating the correct evidence. We can help with this. Our experts understand the Home Office rules and can tell whether you can apply for a Fee Waiver.

If you need support then contact us in regards to your and your child’s application below:

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