Can you access Legal Aid for Child Arrangement Orders?

We at Farani Taylor believe no child should ever be put at risk. Sometimes due to financial issues children can be placed in danger because you do not have the funds to pay for the right advice. We offer legal aid to clients that meet the set financial parameters. We believe everyone should have access to quality legal advice.

Why would you need us?

Family law covers a spectrum of matters, from divorce to child arrangement orders. We deal with all matter of family disputes, however we are concentrating in this article on children.

It is imperative to get sound advice in regards to your children, as there is nothing more important.

Parental Responsibility

A birth mother has automatic parental responsibility in the UK, a father is slightly more complex. Parental responsibility is the legal rights, duties and powers that give authority to an individual over a child. This responsibility gives the right to decide what sort of upbringing and care is provided.

Fathers who are not married to the mother and not on the birth certificate do not get automatic parental responsibility over a child. They would have a financial responsibility though. If a father is on the birth certificate the registration would need to be after 1st December 2003 for them to have rights.

If you would like to establish parental responsibility then our experts can help.

Child Arrangement Orders

If your divorce or separation is unamicable then arrangements for your children may be contentious. We always try to find resolutions through mediation prior to having the Court decide.

During mediation we organise for you and you partner to sit down and try to consider what is best for your children. This can be difficult and may require separate rooms. The mediator should be impartial.

If mediation fails, then a Child Arrangement Order is sort from the Court. We act on your behalf during the process. The Court decision is final and it can also make decisions on supervision if necessary too. Court Orders can help clients receive fair rulings but only if parties have access to proper legal counsel.

If you need help with access rights to your children then our team can help.

Issues involving custody

Arranging custody for children can be extremely difficult. There are a number of aspects that you should consider during the custody process. Considerations would be time in which you would be available for a child, convenience for the child and changes of circumstances (such as moving schools).

If you are not the primary custodian then you should be thinking about what arrangements should be in place so that you get maximum amount of time and communication with your child. We help clients think of these circumstances so not to miss out on anything.

Child maintenance

Often maintenance arrangements can be made at the same time as the custody arrangements. You should seek advice before agreeing an arrangement with your ex-partner. We discuss the various options such as fixed regular amount against varying amounts dependent on the situation. Also things that need to be directly paid for. Finally whether a percentage of earning is more appropriate.

Usually this payment will last until the child is out of full-time education. That could mean 16 years old or after university or college.

So what is Legal Aid and can you access it?

If you cannot afford legal advice then you may qualify for Legal Aid. If you are on a low income then you could qualify for Legal Aid to cover your separation and child arrangements. The sorts of things we can assist with are:

  • If social services are involved with your children and you need representation we can help;
  • Injunctions against violent or abusive partners;
  • Forced marriages;
  • If your child is being taken without your consent;
  • There are concerns about your child’s welfare; and
  • Child is at risk of violence at home.

We can help you check if you are liable for legal aid.

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