More LGBT+ success for Farani Taylor

We pride ourselves on being a firm for the many, we boast a fantastic LGBT+ client base.

One of our recent successes has been highlighted in the press and is likely to form precedent for future cases.

What was the situation?

Prior to living the UK, our client was living as a closeted homosexual man in Pakistan. However, in the UK, he lived as an openly gay man. Further, is a paranoid schizophrenic.

He applied for asylum in the UK through another firm. The Home Office refused his claim on the basis he lived discretely as a gay man previously in Pakistan. Therefore, he could do so again.

What did we do?

Our team argued that the client had been poorly advised and that the judicial review should take into account more evidence. The argument was that him living an openly gay lifestyle and his paranoid schizophrenia were intrinsically linked. So, the schizophrenia prevents him living discreetly as a gay man in Pakistan. Therefore, the judgement conflicted with his human rights.

An additional medical report supplied by Dr Catherine King supported our argument.

What was the outcome?

The judges agreed with the medical report that our client could not given his medical condition live discretely as a gay man. He was granted asylum in the UK.

Further, a this case sets a precedent. It allows for further evidence to be presented during a judicial review.

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