New Fast Track Visa Announced

Boris Johnson announced a new “Global Talent Visa”. This is to encourage scientists, researchers and mathematicians to come work in the UK. This new category replaces the old Tier 1 – Exceptional Talent Route.

Further, the route is uncapped, sending the message that the UK wants the most talented minds in post-Brexit Britain. Another new aspect is that you will not need to have a firm job offer to apply.

The UK is particularly interested in researchers in mathematical disciplines, with a further £300 million general investment in the area. The government are also offering double the funding for PhD studies in mathematical fellowships.

What will post-Brexit immigration look like?

The “Global Talent Visa” follows the announcement of a three tier immigration system after Brexit. This includes rules that would see low skilled workers staying if there are sector shortages. If no shortages of workers then you will be unable to extend your stay. The government is currently looking at carving out NHS workers to maintain the numbers in care and other roles.

Priti Patel is determined to change the immigration system and therefore believes simpler rules are needed to bring the right kind of skills into the market.

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