Labour Shortages | Immigration | Farani Taylor Solicitors
29th September 2021

Immigration back on the agenda due to labour shortages

Labour shortages have put the immigration debate back on the table. Reem Rudda discusses how some minor immigration changes could help to solve labour shortages. Reem is a talented Trainee Solicitor that has expertise in Immigration, Family Law, Conveyancing, Litigation and Estate Planning. One of the key Brexit intentions was to increase wages in ‘low-skilled’…
Ishratara Islam | Head of the Family Department | Farani Taylor Solicitors
28th September 2021

Meet Ishratara Islam

There has been a dramatic upturn in separations and child arrangement orders since the pandemic. This inevitably leads to conflict, which can be detrimental to any child's welfare. Parents need to decide between them where the child should live and what contact is had by both parents. Our Head of Family Law, Ishratara Islam, has…
Sole Representative Visa
22nd September 2021

Using the Sole Representative Visa Route

The UK immigration system can be difficult to navigate which might lead you to miss the Sole Representative Visa Route. The world is becoming increasingly connected, therefore leading to more companies wanting to have presence across the globe. One of the most under-used Visa categories in the UK could be the perfect one for companies…
3rd September 2021

Supreme Court rules in favour of Pakistan International Airlines Corporation in landmark economic duress case

James Sherratt, Director and Solicitor, represented Pakistan International Airlines Corporation (PIAC) in this recent historic case. It revolves around a claim that a travel firm, Times Travel, was under economic duress and forced to sign a new contract regarding the sale of airline tickets. Therefore, they argued that there was no other practical option than…
1st September 2021

Operation Warm Welcome

Dost Malik discusses the new resettlement scheme announced. He is an immigration practitioner specialising in Asylum and Immigration Law. New Asylum Policy for Afghan Nationals Today, the Government announced some “Good News for Afghans". The new scheme named ‘Operation Warm Welcome’ focuses on the resettlement of Afghans in the UK. It is likely to be a great support to…
Paper showing the status of the furlough.
28th July 2021

What should be considered at the end of furlough?

Experts have warned that the end of furlough and the boost to Universal Credit could lead to an ‘avalanche of homelessness’. The government intends to end these furlough schemes in September which combined with the eviction ban having ended May 31st there is serious concern. Further, the end of furlough might led to a rise…
exceptional assurance
30th June 2021

Exceptional Assurance

Adeeb Chowdhry discusses ‘exceptional assurance’. Are you currently in the UK on a temporary visa and unable to return to your home country due to current COVID travel restrictions? If you are in the UK on a temporary visa that expires prior to 30th September 2021 you can request additional time. You can submit this request…
Diversity and inclusion
28th June 2021

Mental Health and Race in the Workplace

The City Mental Health Alliance has recently a detailed report on Mental Health and Race at Work in partnership with Lloyds Banking Group and YouGov. Key Findings It was reported that 45% of black, 26% East Asian, 23% South Asian and 24% of mixed-race respondents had experienced racism at work. Of those who had, 65%…
Ban on business eviction
17th June 2021

Government extends the ban on business eviction until March 2022

The ban on eviction of business tenants was due to end this month. Any business that has stopped paying rent due to the coronavirus crisis will not be evicted in July. Clearly there are two sides to this argument. Businesses are able to maintain their physical position, but landlords are upset that rent arrears will…
2nd June 2021

How is the overhaul of immigration going?

Priti Patel has claimed that the new, firmer stance on immigration has been based on ‘public opinion’ rather than based on ‘economics and culture’. The government ended the free movement of people from the EU and introduced a new points-based system. Therefore, prioritising skill and talent. Further, they have announced a new model for refugees…

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