There is light at the end of the tunnel for migrants

Although the Corona Virus epidemic has led to 129,000 visa applications in March and only 250 in April, we feel the future of immigration to the UK is safe.

The government announced that some of the UK Visa and Citizenship Centres are to reopen from 1st June. This is to deal with those that booked appointments and were postponed. However, this is just the first step in the process.

The other announcement is that anyone arriving in the UK needs to quarantine for two weeks.

Why the positivity about the future of immigration in the UK?


We are due to leave the European Union at the end of the year. The economy needs a jumpstart following the virus and Brexit is set to give the UK further instability.

This means that the government need to attract the brightest and best from across the globe to kick start our recovery. Changes to the system are intended to attract high-calibre candidates.

The government are controlling the narrative but are well aware that they need immigration to stimulate growth in the economy. With an ageing population and not enough young people to support the pensions of the baby boomers, they need migrants to fill the gap.

So, we expect more advertising of the benefits of investing and moving to the UK post pandemic.

Scientists and Mathematicians

Prior to the virus, the government were actively seeking to attract scientists and mathematicians. They are likely to have a fast-track option to study and work in the UK.

It is feared that some of the brightest minds in this area are to head back to Europe following Brexit and therefore research organisations have been lobbying a fast track option.

It sends a message to scientists across the globe that the UK is attractive place for them and their careers.

Tech Talent

Similarly to science and maths, the government believe there is a distinct lack of tech talent in the UK and have relaxed routes through exceptional talent, shortage of occupation and technology based innovator route.

Technological innovation is where the majority of experts believe future trends are heading. Those stuck in out dated notions of work without looking to future advances are to be left behind.

The UK wants to be a dominant force and lead innovation globally. However, to achieve this either the education system needs a dramatic overhaul to start to breed these minds or we need to attract from other countries.

Areas are popping up across the country, identifying as the UK’s Silicon Valley, priding themselves as the hubs for the tech revolution. If we can encourage these specialist minds to move to the UK then it is likely that would create more jobs and wealth.

Agricultural Sector

Currently the agricultural sector relies heavily on unskilled European labour, however the end of free movement could be problematic. It is expected that the Seasonal Agricultural Workers scheme is to be expanded as a route to ensure that agriculture can access the seasonal workforce they need.

Doctors and Nurses

The NHS is one of the leading healthcare systems in the world. It relies heavily on migrants to staff. Therefore the government need to incentivise medical and administrative staff so to ensure the standards.


The UK is “open for business” and investor routes are still open. As a nation we need investment in our economy and our industry.

Although scrutinised over the recent, they are unlikely to ever end this route. As a firm we have helped hundreds of clients looking to invest in the UK.

Trade deals

We expect that with the advent of post-Brexit Britain overwhelmingly leads to more trade deals with other countries such as China, India, the US and Japan. These are likely to come with concessions for Visa applications that differentiate from the Australian model to be introduced.

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