Wills during Covid-19

Demand for legal services in the pandemic has remained high, but particularly for estate planning services.

The use of platforms such as Zoom have meant that client meetings can take place without the need of meeting the person face-to-face. We believe that it is always better to seek advice when deciding on a Will.

Why get a Will?

Without a Will or purchasing a Will without advice can cause problems. We have seen it all.

If you die without a Will then your intended beneficiaries may miss out. Therefore your partner, children or family may not inherit in the way you think that they should. Also, it could lead to you paying more tax.

You may want to think about planning for your family after you have gone, whether it is preventing wealth moving to your children too early or ensuring they inherit after your spouse has died.

If you have already provided for one of your children and need to equalise gifts or would like to exclude a child from inheriting then it is best to get advice.

How does it work?

Well you get in touch with us to arrange an appointment, we take some initial information and send an email with a fact-find for you to complete prior to the appointment.

We send an invite for a call with you. We discuss your situation and send a report on our advice. Once you have decided based on our advice what products you need we organise payment and drafts to be sent. Then the final documents are sent and signing call arranged.

We follow up with a video call for the signing the Will. You send the Will back to us for storage and countersigning as witnesses.

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