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What do you need to know?

A Will states who inherits your estate. Without one, you die intestate and your estate is distributed according to the rules set by law. Although everyone knows they should have a Will, it is approximated 60% of the UK adult population do not have one.

A valid Will allows you to ensure that your assets are distributed according to Shariah. Legacies left in your Will count toward Sadaqah Jariyah, the doing of good deeds even after death.

Emphasis of a Will in Islam

Islam places a great emphasis on making a Will – It is the duty of a Muslim who has anything to bequeath not to let two nights pass without including it in his Will. Sahih al-Bukhari.

How does Shariah distribution work?

There are fixed obligations under an Islamic Will, these are to pay the costs of funeral expenses and all debts.

Up to one third of the total assets may be set aside to be given to one’s choice, including: charitable or educational organisations such as your local Mosque.

The Quran explicitly states the automatic fixed inheritors (Surah Al Nisa verse 7-14). The share of each beneficiary depends on surviving relatives at the date of death. One distribution for one Muslim could be completely different to another.

Men shall have a share in what parents and kinsfolk leave behind, and women shall have a share in what parents and kinsfolk leave behind. (Quran 4:7). However, a son is entitled to double the share of the daughter because of male responsibility to maintain the financial security of the family.

What about inheritance tax?

If you are married a standard Islamic Will could cause an inheritance tax liability that you would not have had, had you left everything to your spouse. We can help by placing a Life Interest Will Trust in your Will. It may be slightly more expensive option but may save thousands in inheritance tax.

At an appointment we advise what type of Islamic Will you require and why. So let us know what you require.

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