Ben Lockyer | Business Development Manager | Farani Taylor Solicitors

Ben Lockyer

Business Development Manager


Ben has worked as an account and business development manager for Legal Services providers and Law Firms. He is well known in the financial services industry for providing access to quality services and maintaining business relationships.

Ben believes that gathering knowledge and working with experts from across professional services is essential to providing holistic services. Many of his relationships are built on reciprocity.

Further, he is an expert in Wills and Trusts and has a wealth of knowledge in the area. He often advises other legal teams and will writers across the UK in estate planning techniques. Assisting them to help clients and developing Wills in line with wider client financial planning. Therefore, Ben has an extensive list of regulated practitioner contacts that help to provide his clients holistic advice.

He believes that having quality processes in place using technology-based solutions helps to ensure that his team have the time to deliver excellent services.

He tailors his service to the client and their priorities, which has led him to pioneer many legal services propositions. Therefore, his experience and expertise has led him to develop some of the most cutting-edge technology in legal services. Ben’s previous accounts include major lenders, large estate agency groups, building societies, financial services networks, estate planning groups, financial advisory firms, and broker firms.

Field of Expertise

  • Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Wills and Estate Planning

Education, Professional Certification, Accreditation, or other Licenses

  • BA Hons

Recent Work

  • Recently helped save a client over £150,000 of inheritance tax with use of estate planning.
  • Built processing systems for Farani Taylor departments.
  • Developed innovative systems for the firm to successfully navigate the new working styles during the pandemic. Closely maintaining major relationships with introducers.

Hobbies and Interests

In his spare time, Ben plays and coaches rugby. He is very keen on keeping fit but is also quite easily persuaded to have a pint.

Publications and Articles

What should be considered at the end of Furlough?

Experts have warned that the end of furlough and the boost to Universal Credit could lead to an ‘avalanche of homelessness’.  The government intends to end these furlough schemes in September which combined with the eviction ban having ended May 31st there is serious concern.

Mental Health and Race in the Workplace

The City Mental Health Alliance has recently a detailed report on Mental Health and Race at Work in partnership with Lloyds Banking Group and YouGov. Those from black or minority ethnic backgrounds are therefore more likely to feel less included in the workplace. Further, the pandemic has intensified the mental health gap due to being more likely to have experienced a bereavement or have severe financial issues.

Making a Will is one of the most important things you can do...

The global pandemic has led to people realising that they need to write or update their Will. However, a report, by IRN Research, outlined that the surge in Will drafting was mainly due to giving them ‘peace of mind’ rather than ‘Covid-19’. With the highest death toll in the world per million people, Wills have become imperative. If you die without a Will then your estate passes in accordance with the laws of intestacy.