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Unlock the Global Talent Pool - Hire with Confidence. Are you an employer seeking top talent from beyond the UK? Get a hassle-free Sponsorship License with our team of expert business immigration lawyers. We'll guide you every step of the way

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Tier 2 Sponsor License Lawyers In London

Unlock Your Business’s Global Potential – Hire the Best. Get your Tier 2 Sponsorship License and bring top foreign and migrant talent to your workplace. With our complete guidance package, we’ll complete all forms, gather the right supporting documents, and craft a persuasive cover letter to make your application shine. Let us take care of the details while you focus on growing your business!

We have worked with clients nationally and internationally, with a variety of needs and circumstances and you will have this collective experience helping you through this delicate process.

Family law is a complex area and our family law solicitors ‘near me’ can assist you through this sensitive time.

Our Services

  •  Maximize your hiring options – Hire from abroad with ease
  •  Empower your migrant employees – No restrictions on shares held
  •  Get results fast – Fast track your license with priority scheme

How Sponsor Licence service works ?

Streamline Your Sponsorship Journey – Get Results with Farani Taylor Solicitors. Applying for a Tier 2 Sponsorship License can be complex, with a need for supporting documentation and strict advertising requirements. Let our team of expert Immigration Lawyers in London make the process easier for you. From identifying your specific job role needs to obtaining the license and visa for your prospective employee, we provide a complete, managed solution to make your journey smooth and stress-free. Trust us to help you secure your next top talent from abroad.

The Process

  • Obtaining further Tier 2 certificates for new and existing employees.
  • Visa applications for new staff that you may wish to employ.
  • Visa extension applications for existing employees.
  • Ongoing compliance and maintenance of the Sponsor Management System.
  • Illegal working audits and compliance.
  • Training in the above for key HR and non HR staff.
  • All other forms of UK immigration advice.

Our Experienced Team

Our team of specialised sponsorship lawyers are ready to assist your business with their tier 2 sponsorship license today. Please get in touch.

Tier 2 Sponsor License Lawyers In London

Why Trust Farani Taylor Solicitors ?

At Farani Taylor we assist clients from every walk of life whether it’s at the beginning of a relationship planning a future or at the end of a relationship. We will look at your situation and sensitively and creatively provide advice, developing solutions with your best interests in mind. Our family law solicitors understand your family are the most important people in your life. The value placed upon family and the sensitivity required in handling such matters, particularly when children are involved, is something we at Farani Taylor truly understand. Our experienced, dedicated and empathetic team of family law solicitors are here to provide legal advice and support to you, shaping plans for now and in the future, dependent on your needs and situation.

Achieving the Best Outcome for You


"I highly recommend shahzad saeed, he handled my financial settlement/family matters professionally as well proving my case with the proper mannerisms and attention required. I got the best results of my situation all thanks to him . High recommend him!!"


"Shahzad Saeed handled our settlement visa application in a thoroughly professional manner. We are happy that, in choosing a solicitor, we made the right choice."


"Very pleased with the services received from Fahmida & Ishratara. Top professional and hardworking solicitors. Thank you."


Can any UK company apply for a UK Sponsor Licence?

Yes. Regardless of sector, size of business or trading history, there are no limitations on which businesses can apply for a UK licence.

How quickly can I obtain a licence?

We can prepare a licence application for you within a matter of days and the Home Office will usually process those applications within weeks, there are however priority services available to speed up your application process.

Do you guarantee that I would obtain my sponsor licence if I use your services?

Yes, we guarantee that all sponsor licence applications made through us are granted or your fees returned in cases where licences have been refused, unless this relates to information you gave us that was missing or incorrect.

How much do you charge for obtaining a sponsor licence?

We charge between £1800 and £3000 for a sponsor licences the, although the exact amount will depend on the complexity of the case, but our sponsor licences come with a money back guarantee as above.

Is it complicated to apply for a licence?

No, we will guide you on the documents needed and the process can be done within days. We can also ensure that we reduce the risk of compliance visits through careful presentation of your business needs.

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