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Dua Shahid


"Duaa Shahid, a Para-Legal at Farani Taylor Solicitors, excels in Personal Injury and Road Traffic Accident matters, with additional experience in medical negligence. Graduating with an LLB Hons from the University of London, she is deepening her legal expertise in both the UK and Pakistan, particularly in Family Law and Corporate Matters."

Dua Shahid


BIOGRAPHY: Duaa Shahid, currently serving as a Para-Legal at Farani Taylor Solicitors, is adept in handling Personal Injury and Road Traffic Accident matters, including statutory breach of duty. Additionally, she has developed some expertise in medical negligence. Originating from Bahawalpur, Pakistan, she is committed to expanding her legal knowledge and skills. In her personal life, Duaa is the only daughter in her family, with her father being a retired Senior Medical Officer and her brothers serving as MBBS Doctors at CMH Lahore.

EDUCATION: Duaa is a proud graduate of the University of London, where she obtained her LLB (Hons) through the Pakistan College of Law, a recognized center affiliated with the University. Her graduation year was 2022, marking the culmination of her focused studies in law.

LEGAL EXPERTISE: In the UK, her areas of specialization include Family Law, Personal Injury, Road Traffic Accident matters, Consumer Disputes, and Medical Negligence. In Pakistan, she has gained valuable experience in Family Law, Corporate Matters, Consumer Disputes, Civil Litigation, Intellectual Property, and Property Law, showcasing her versatile legal proficiency.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Duaa dedicates her free time to reading professional literature, continually seeking to enhance her understanding and expertise in various legal areas. This commitment to self-improvement and learning is a cornerstone of her approach to her legal career.


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