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Khadija Nuha


"A highly skilled Paralegal and recent LLB Law graduate from the University of Birmingham, specializing in immigration law, including skilled worker visas, naturalization, fee waivers, and appeals. Expertise also covers employment, company, commercial, family, and healthcare law. Ready to assist with your legal challenges."

Khadija Nuha



Meet our dedicated and results-driven Paralegal, who brings a strong educational foundation in law to our team. Holding a 2:1 LLB Law degree with honors from the prestigious University of Birmingham, our Paralegal’s career in the legal field is driven by a profound passion for justice and a commitment to assisting individuals and organizations in navigating the complex legal landscape.

Immigration Law Expertise: During their tenure at Farani Taylor Solicitors, our Paralegal has had the privilege to specialize in immigration law, focusing on skilled worker visas, naturalization, fee waivers, and appeals. They have accumulated substantial knowledge and experience in this domain, enabling them to provide invaluable support to clients seeking immigration solutions.

Diverse Legal Knowledge: Their legal studies extend beyond immigration law to encompass a wide range of areas, including employment law, company law, commercial law, family law, and healthcare law. This comprehensive background equips them with a well-rounded perspective, allowing them to address a variety of legal challenges effectively.

Client Centric-Approach: Our Paralegal takes immense pride in their ability to offer comprehensive legal guidance, personalized to the unique needs of each client. With meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards, they are dedicated to achieving favorable outcomes for those they serve.


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