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Rana Khan


"He is an experienced paralegal with cross-continental expertise in Karachi, Lahore, and London. An Advocate of the High Court of Pakistan, he specializes in housing, employment, and civil litigation, and is pursuing qualifications in New York and England"

Rana Khan


BIOGRAPHY: An Advocate of the High Court of Pakistan, he brings a rich blend of nearly five years of intercontinental legal experience from Karachi, Lahore, and London. His journey reflects a commitment to legal proficiency and a diverse understanding of various legal systems, laying a solid foundation for his career in law.

EDUCATION: His academic credentials are notable, with a Master of Law degree from Northwestern University, obtained in 2022, and a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law from Lahore University of Management Sciences, completed in 2017. This educational background establishes a strong theoretical and practical understanding of the legal field.

EXPERTISE: Specializing in housing, employment, and civil litigation, he demonstrates a versatile skill set. His expertise in these areas is a testament to his ability to navigate complex legal landscapes and provide effective legal solutions.

PROFESSIONAL GOALS: Currently, he is focused on expanding his qualifications by pursuing the status of a New York Attorney and a Solicitor of England and Wales. This ambition underscores his dedication to becoming a globally recognized legal professional, equipped to handle legal challenges across different jurisdictions.


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