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Do people really need Immigration Lawyers ?

By DOST MALIK – Immigration & Nationality Law Specialist The above question is probably a very controversial and debatable issue. For some people, it’s a very confusing issue, but in my opinion, there is a very simple answer to it, “IT DEPENDS “? In this context, the real problem is that when someone says or…

The Bank Accounts of Suspected Migrants are to be Closed

The infamous and controversial policy of a ‘Hostile Environment. ‘ introduced by the Ex-Home Secretary, Theresa May has been reinstated.In January 2018, the government announced that the Bank Accounts of people suspected of living in the UK without proper status or illegally will be suspended or closed.This policy of government created a lot of confusion…

How to Prove the Continuous Residence in the UK 

Mr. Dost Malik – IMMIGRATION AND NATIONALITY LAW SPECIALIST As we are all aware of the residence requirements, which are required for almost all the immigration applications including the Nationality application.One has to provide documentary Evidence/Proof of residence in the UK.It’s important to understand, that in Civil matters, unlike Criminal cases, the onus and burden…