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Do people really need Immigration Lawyers ?

DOST MALIK – Immigration & Nationality Law Specialist

The above question is probably a very controversial and debatable issue. For some people, it’s a very confusing issue, but in my opinion, there is a very simple answer to it, “IT DEPENDS “? In this context, the real problem is that when someone says or claims it’s a “Simple and straightforward matter “ for any immigration issue or application. They suggest there is no need to go to Immigration Lawyer.

My simple question to all those people is, ‘Who is going to decide that it’s a ‘simple and straightforward matter’. ? On this perceived assumption, most of the time,  people decide not to engage an Immigration Lawyer on the advice of their friends or family members. However, the most common and risky element in this type of advice is that a person gives a sweeping statement without even knowing the matter.

“I did it myself and got the visa “!

I say it’s risky because the Home office makes decisions on an individual basis. Each and every application is treated and decided on the basis of the personal circumstances of the individual. Unfortunately,  even the point-based system and applications which were introduced to make it simple and straightforward have been made very complex and difficult in practice.

The other common problem with such advice and the confidence of these kinds of well-wishers is that, in case of any refusal or negative outcome of the application. Instead of taking responsibility for their advice, the first reaction and their surprise are, “If you were not sure about your case or application, you should have taken some legal advice.” ( this is like putting salt on the wounds of a person who acted on their advice) In fact, in public announcements, the government is always claiming that they are trying to make immigration laws and rules fair and simple for everyone to ‘Do it yourself (DIY)  On the other hand, our present Home Secretary, Ms. Priti Patel, has put all the blame on the Immigration lawyers for stopping the removal and deportation of immigrants and sabotaging the government policies. She didn’t realize that the Lawyers are only following the law, and the judges are there to decide whether the government is applying the law properly.

We all know that the real aim of introducing frequent and relentless legislation by the government in immigration law is to control immigration, and consequently, it has become very complex and difficult for a layperson to navigate. Even the judges of the Court of Appeal ( the highest form of appeals in this country) have observed that if they find it difficult to understand certain immigration legislation, how the government expects a common person to understand it?

Therefore, I would like to highlight the following points regarding the need for an Immigration Lawyer on the basis of my experience, observations, and practice of Immigration law.

I fully appreciate and respect any point of view contrary to these points and suggestions. I would like to add here that whenever I mention Immigration lawyers, I am referring to the professionals with integrity and empathy towards immigrants. No one can deny the fact that, like all other public services, there are unscrupulous elements in the immigration practice who prey on vulnerable immigrants like vultures.

1. In my opinion, migration to a foreign land and leaving the country of your origin is a life-changing event for an individual as well as for any family. This should not be taken lightly. Any error or mistake in the immigration application, whether unconsciously or innocently, can have very serious consequences and repercussions for the rest of your life.

2. Any ONE wrong tick ✔️ on the form of 40 pages can put your life 5 or 10 years in reverse gear.

3. From my personal point of view, the best solution to this kind of problem is to have an initial consultation with the Immigration lawyer to check the,

Eligibility, Suitability, and the Checklist of the required documents.

Even a paid inquiry and consultation with the immigration lawyer can save someone thousands of pounds.

4. Immigration application is a very painful and slow process. It’s better to avoid all that anxiety and stress by handing over this problem to professionals.

5. In my experience, most of the applicants do not have all the required documents, or sometimes they do not meet the required criteria. Therefore before applying for any immigration category, it’s important to understand the mandatory and optional requirements as well as Home office guidance and guidelines for the exercise of discretion.

One cannot simply write to the Home office that, “I don’t have certain documents or evidence “ In this regard, The Home policy is very clear. ’Don’t apply if you don’t have any supporting documents and evidence. This is a situation in which an Immigration Lawyer can prepare a proper explanation for the lack of any documentation or evidence.

6. proper communication and the use of digital technology are very important nowadays. Immigration professionals are better equipped and trained to handle that.

7. I have observed that any case or application prepared by professionals always has better merits and legal points to challenge any refusal or negative decision.

8. Last but not least, Immigration lawyers are specialists in immigration law and fully aware of all updates to immigration law.

Probably, Immigration law is the only law that is changing at such a fast pace that even professionals find it difficult to handle.

Therefore, Immigration lawyers who are fully conversant and familiar with the current immigration law can save you from unintentional mistakes and a lot of hassle.

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