Asylum is the protection given to people who have come to the UK because they cannot return to their country of origin. This due to fear or persecution because of race, religion, nationality or membership to a particular social group or political opinion.

The process by which an individual can acquire asylum status is complex.

Claiming Asylum

If you have come to the UK and are in fear of returning to your country, you should claim asylum as soon as you can.

Once you have claimed asylum, you must attend the Home Office for a screening interview which is followed by a substantive interview.

When preparing your case, we take a detailed account of your circumstances and compile evidence to support your case.  You should aim to provide as many documents as you can when you attend your screening interview. However, you can take further evidence with you when you attend your substantive interview. We at Farani Taylor Solicitors help you prepare for both interviews and can also accompany you to the interview on the day.

In order to have a chance of success, you need to demonstrate that you have a well-founded fear of persecution for the reasons set out above.

What if my claim is refused?

Where this is the case, you will be granted a right to challenge the Home Office decision by way on an appeal in the UK. Please see our ‘Appeals and Judicial Review’ sections for details.

However, if the Home Office feel that your case lack merits, they can refuse your application and certify the decision and an appeal would have to be brought from outside the UK.

What happens whilst my claim is pending?

You are not allowed to work. However, you can contact the team dealing with your matter requesting for permission to carry out paid or unpaid work.

Furthermore, you may also be eligible for asylum support in the form of housing and money to support your family whilst your claim is pending. You may be able to get free healthcare and your children will be able to attend state school.

How long does it take to make a decision?

The Home Office suggest that it takes approximately six months to make a decision. However, it may take longer than this if you case is complicated of if you have not provided sufficient documentation.

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