Money Laundering

If you have been accused of or charged with money laundering our money laundering solicitors can help with quality legal advice. Our criminal defence team has years of experience and understand the Money Laundering Regulations 2017 and the sentencing guidelines.

How our money laundering solicitors help you if you have been accused of money laundering

Our money laundering solicitors have defended businesses and individuals alike who have been charged with money laundering offences. We offer an initial consultation with one of our experts who assesses the case and outlines the likely process.

Why choose us?

Our team take you through the charges and then offer support by:

  • Assessing the evidence presented;
  • Gathering all the witness testimony;
  • Consulting any other relevant experts such as forensic accountants; and
  • Outlining your options based on the evidence gathered.

Our criminal defence money laundering solicitors represent our clients throughout the process from the arrest to the trial.

Contact us to organise an initial consultation.

What is money laundering?

Money laundering is the conversion of the proceeds of crime into an asset that appears legitimate. Therefore, there are two categories for money laundering, those that commit the offence and those that are involved in the laundering.

What are the three stages of money laundering?

There are three stages of money laundering that could be prosecuted under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA 2002). These are:

  • Placement, which is the movement of proceeds of crime into the financial system.
  • Layering, which is the movement of the proceeds now in the financial system.
  • Integration, which is the movement of those transactions into legitimate investments.

Therefore, there are three separate money laundering offences that you may face. Our experts have years of experience defending clients who have had one or all of the offences brought against them.

What are the penalties for money laundering?

Money laundering sentencing guidelines outline that the maximum sentence is 14 years in prison or an unlimited fine.

It is essential that you get advice from experts who have experience dealing with these offences to minimise the potential money laundering sentence.

What can I expect if I am charged with money laundering?

Money laundering offences are varied and therefore each case would be different, but you can expect some of the following to happen:

  • Interviewed under caution;
  • Criminal charges brought;
  • Warrants to search home and workplace;
  • Information requests;
  • Seizure of assets and property;
  • Freezing of assets and property;
  • Prosecution; and
  • Judicial Review

Our experts can guide you through the process and advise throughout the various stages.

Can we access Legal Aid?
Open Can we access Legal Aid?

We have a legal aid license for criminal law, so if you meet the financial requirements then we can apply for funding to cover your legal fees.

Our initial consultation covers legal aid and we subsequently establish whether you are eligible.

Do I need a solicitor to represent me?
Open Do I need a solicitor to represent me?

You can represent yourself, however money laundering is extremely complicated and extensive. Without the proper training you could be left with an inadequate defence or unable to properly query the evidence presented.

Our experts can help to properly interrogate the evidence and use experts to help disprove allegations.

You may qualify for legal aid if you cannot afford proper representation.

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