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Entry Clearance

This is the process in which a person requests for visa permitting them to enter the UK. During this process, the Entry Clearance Office assesses whether a person qualifies for a grant of entry.

How our solicitors could help?

Whether you want to come to the UK for a family matter, to explore the UK’s tourist attractions, or work and reside here, if you are a foreign national you may be required to obtain UK Entry clearance from the Home Office before you travel.

What service do we provide?

At Farani Taylor, our solicitors have the legal experience to ensure your UK entry clearance goes smoothly. We can advise you on all matters pertaining to UK entry clearance, including form submission and evidence you may be required to bring prior to your travel. Our expert team have helped thousands of clients successfully obtain UK entry clearance with ease, ensuring you can be confident your travel plans remain uninterrupted. For more information on our services, or to discover the visa options available to you and your family, contact us for a free consultation. 

What is entry clearance?

UK entry clearance is the process in which clearance officers determine if a person qualifies under Immigration legislation to enter the UK. Not everyone is obligated to apply for UK entry clearance, however, we would encourage speaking with a legal expert to find out whether you can gain entry without applying.

Who will need the entry clearance?

If you are from a country on the visa national list you are obligated to apply for UK entry clearance before you are granted access to the UK. You do not have to apply if you:

  • Are a returning resident 
  • Have permission to remain in the UK after temporary leave 
  • You are a student resident in an EU country and are accompanied by a teacher for a field trip etc

You can determine whether you are classed as a visa national by visiting the UK Government website, or alternatively, speak with one of our Immigration specialists who can advise you based upon your circumstances.

To obtain UK entry clearance you are required to make an application to the British Embassy or High commission in your country of origin. If you would like further information on application submission, or visas in general, our expert solicitors offer free, no obligation consultations and would welcome the opportunity to provide you with advice on your circumstances. 

How does entry clearance work?

To apply for UK entry clearance, you must submit an Immigration clearance application along with a fee prior to your travel. The form itself is quite lengthy and requires detailed evidence of your circumstances, who you are and your intentions to enter into the UK. 

Usually you are required to provide your passport, travel documentation, your immigration history and identification documents. If you fail to provide detailed evidence and an account of your circumstances and intentions for UK entry, you are likely to be refused, this not only interrupts your travel plans but also likely to mean you incur further costs and fees. We would advise consulting an immigration solicitor to ensure your application is successful.

How much it cost for Entry Clearance?

There are various types of visas and entry routes to the UK available, all incurring an associated fee. Dependants are usually charged the same fee as the main applicant, which can become costly if your application is submitted incorrectly in the first instance.

Our Immigration solicitors can provide you with free advice on which type of visa would benefit you and your family the most, outlining potential costs, documentation you require and how to begin the process. If you would like to receive further guidance, get in touch with our expert team, who can inform you of your options.

Can I apply for spouse visa entry clearance UK?
Open Can I apply for spouse visa entry clearance UK?

You can apply for UK entry clearance for your spouse provided your spouse meets all of the criteria set on the Government’s website. If your application is successful, your spouse can gain entry to the UK for an initial period of 33 months. For further information on how to obtain a UK entry clearance for your spouse, or for the types of visas available for families and partners, contact our Immigration solicitors.

How can I apply the entry clearance for visitor visa?
Open How can I apply the entry clearance for visitor visa?

Anyone seeking to enter the UK for a short holiday can do so with a UK entry clearance application. Someone legally residing in the UK is also entitled to sponsor their family members and or friends to visit the UK.

The applicant for visiting the UK must demonstrate their relationship to the sponsor. It is of utmost importance that applicants evidence a return to their country of origin at the end of their visit and allegiance with their home country.

One of the general grounds of refusal is that the Entry Clearance Officer (ECO) is not satisfied that the applicant will return to their county. Therefore, the stronger the ties in one’s home country, the more likely it is that an application will be accepted.

Where an applicant is being sponsored by a family member to come to the UK on holiday, the ECO must be satisfied that the sponsor is able to accommodate and maintain the applicant for the duration of their visit without recourse to public funds.

Where a person is entering the UK as a general visitor/ tourist, they must evidence they can maintain themselves for the duration of their holiday. If they are not sponsored, they must show that they can finance the entirety of their holiday. Under this category, the applicant should be well informed about the areas they intend to visit whilst in the UK as lack of knowledge could be grounds for refusal on the basis that the reasons for entry into the UK are not genuine.

For further support on how to ensure your application is accepted, speak with one of our dedicated solicitors. Our Immigration team have extensive knowledge and experience in successfully gaining UK entry clearance, as well as all types of visas, for thousands of our clients. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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