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Detention and Bail

If your loved one is detained or on bail from the Home Office, then our experts can help.

What is immigration detention?

The Home Office has discretionary power to detain an individual at any time during their immigration process.

Those who are being held at the detention centre or Immigration Removal Centres (IRCs) are subject to deportation and removal until a decision is made by the immigration authorities.

The process of detention can have stressful consequences if not handled effectively. The immigration authorities can decide whether to grant a visa, release the individual into the community, or to deport them to their country of origin at their own expense.

Moreover, there is the added possibility of a mandatory ban of up to 10 years if an individual is removed or deported from the United Kingdom. This can cause increasing pressure for the detainee, not only because of the time spent in detention, but also because it is nearly impossible to find legal assistance without help from family or friends

What is Immigration bail?

Bail is the legal procedure of releasing an individual from immigration detention. This process is available to any person who has been detained by the Home Office. You must be detained under Immigration Acts. Also have been in a detention, removal centre or prison for seven days or more.

We apply to the court for release under certain conditions. When a detainee applies for bail the case is presented by their counsel to an immigration court. Here, an independent judge makes a decision on retaining the detainee.

The Home Office appoint a Presenting Officer to support the case for continued detention. When bail is granted it will be under certain conditions. These must be observed on release.

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