Housing & Property Law

Our housing solicitors have helped hundreds of clients providing advice around management and property litigation. We help both individuals and institutions.

At Farani Taylor our Housing solicitors have supported a wealth of clients including entrepreneurs, developers, high net worth individuals, banks, and investors. We recognise the attributed pressures that come from high-value transactions and therefore will support you in developing strategic and creative plans to get the best outcome for you. Whether it’s simple advice you require or a bespoke contract with intricate specifications, our Housing solicitors can support you in ‘building’ and achieving your objectives.   

Why choose us as your housing solicitors?

In selecting a housing solicitor you are ensuring your property plans are secured from start to completion. Our highly skilled, communicative housing solicitors can aid the process of dealing with property transactions, alleviate pressure and allow you to delegate your time more efficiently. Whether it’s a simple first-time buy, or a large-scale property development,  our reputable housing solicitors can save you time, money, and angst, creating solutions that are solely developed with your best interests in mind. 

The Services our Housing Solicitors Provide

Commercial Property

If you are considering taking on new commercial premises, our housing solicitors can provide you with practical and tactical business legal advice for all stages of the process. 

Our expert team can work with you to guarantee the terms of your lease match your business’s requirements, as well as identifying any potential risks and liabilities that you may acquire which might not have been stated overtly. 

Our team can also provide support if you are already dealing with issues arising from any existing commercial premises you hold. 

Property law can be complicated and frustrating, it is unusual to not require legal advice to avoid disputes that may arise in the future. 

At Farani Taylor we have helped commercial landlords and tenants on a variety of issues and sought resolutions that put our client’s needs at the forefront of everything we do. Whatever your commercial property requirements, our highly professional housing solicitors can provide you with advice and solutions to ensure you achieve your commercial property objectives. Contact us and receive free, no-obligation advice about your circumstances. 

These are the circumstances that we have previously worked before: 

Our housing specialist solicitors work closely with our litigation team to ensure to take legal action when required. Otherwise, the team tries to resolve disputes through mediation and attempt to reach suitable settlements.

We offer advice drafting tenancy agreements, management agency agreements, company policies such as GDPR and Data Protection, Company composition and any other business agreements.

Housing disrepair and dilapidation claims

Are you living in a property that is unsafe or in disrepair? Our housing solicitors will help you claim compensation and remedy any issues you have, fairly and informatively. Whatever your situation, you have the right to live in a property that is safe and fit for purpose. If you would like some free, no obligation advice regarding potential disrepair and dilapidation claims, contact us to find out how we will help you claim compensation and re-claim your home! 

A disrepair claim involves the tenant taking legal action against their landlord for failing to fix a repair or damage to their rented accommodation, this can include both private and council tenants. If you have reported the repairs and damage to your landlord and they have failed to make adequate or any repairs after a period of time, you can file a disrepair claim to obtain compensation.

Speak with our housing solicitors who will be able to provide you with all options available to you based upon your circumstances. 

Social Housing

We also help beleaguered social tenants with housing disrepair claims against Local Authorities and large Housing Associations. These claims usually entail getting the landlord to repair mould, damp and leaks suffered in the clients property and obtaining compensation for the distress and inconvenience suffered by them.

Latest funding changes and welfare reform have encouraged a huge transformation in the Social Housing sector, providing a much more commercial outlook for all. At Farani Taylor we have extensive experience of advising businesses and private investor clients across all legal disciplines and housing and property law is no exception. Whatever your vision is, we will support you in achieving it by providing superior legal knowledge, professional execution and above all, ensuring your expectations are met and exceeded. 

Our expertise in Social Housing means we are perfectly placed to help those that need assistance. As we have Legal Aid and Legal Help status we can support those that need help most but cannot afford advice.

Social Housing Services

Housing public law

Under public law, you are entitled to query, question, and make a claim against your Housing Association or Council if they have failed you in some way. Our public law specialists are able to help you have a voice, know your rights and hold the relevant public organisations accountable. 

Housing discrimination

Housing discrimination is unacceptable and simply means you are not receiving social housing based upon some kind of discrimination. We are able to challenge refusals and appeals to help you obtain a fair outcome if you believe you have been treated unfairly. 

Housing disrepair claims

Housing faults and disrepair can be upsetting and disruptive to your daily life, particularly if your landlord has refused to sort repairs or your property hasn’t been maintained to a suitable standard. We endeavour to provide you with fast results, so you have your home back to how it should be. 

Defending possession proceedings

We have represented tenants facing eviction and possession of their homes. We understand how distressing and difficult this situation can be and will do everything within our power to ensure your rights are protected, obtaining the best resolution for you and your family. 

Farani Taylor Solicitors is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. 

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How do we deal with housing issues?

Whether you are a landlord, tenant, investor, or even wanting to create a contract for property investment or land ownership, our housing solicitors are experts within their field. We will look at your circumstances and give you the most suitable advice for your situation, ensuring you are equipped with the best knowledge, support, and outcomes available.

Why you should choose us for housing solicitors and social care?

Farani Taylor Solicitors have supported thousands of clients with their housing disrepair claims. We have achieved hundreds of thousands of pounds in compensation for clients, as well as ensuring their homes are up to standard again. If your landlord has delayed repairs or is proposing they are not liable, let us help you by providing free advice for your circumstances. We pride ourselves on ‘people over profit’ and in doing so achieve the optimum results for all of our clients.

Farani Taylor Solicitors is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority

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What services do we provide landlords or letting agents?
Open What services do we provide landlords or letting agents?
  • Possession Claim
  • Illegal/Unlawful Eviction
  • Disrepair Claim
  • Breach of Licencing Law

As well as assisting tenants, our excellent and experienced Housing Solicitors are fully dedicated and keen on helping private landlords/letting agents in connection with any claim brought against them by tenants and Local Authorities. This ranges from possession claims to alleged illegal evictions or disrepair claims

At Farani Taylor Solicitors, we aim to act for landlords/letting agents in the best way and the most cost-effective way possible. Acting for both landlord and tenants makes us best placed to bring about a quick solution to the problem that you as a landlord or letting agent may be up against in terms of pursuing your tenant/s for rent arrears, breach of any other terms of tenancy, or defending an alleged unlawful eviction claim or disrepair claim.

Our dedicated, experienced, and professional Solicitors can also help you defend any claim including a claim for breach of Licencing Law that may be brought against you by the Local Council.

What is a homelessness review, appeal or judicial review?
Open What is a homelessness review, appeal or judicial review?

A homelessness review, appeal, or judicial review is when a decision made by a local housing authority or housing association has failed to consider the lawfulness or inaction of that decision.

It is irrelevant the outcome reached but whether they used the correct application of the law and procedure to make that decision.

What can we do?

Any decision of the local authority or housing association is subject to an appeal/review by the court under Section 204 of the Housing Act 1996 (as amended by the Homelessness Act 2002).

At Farani Taylor, our housing solicitors are highly experienced and fully equipped in bringing such cases on your behalf. We have a strong track record for successfully challenging homelessness decisions of local authorities.

How can we help should you be issued a possession claim?
Open How can we help should you be issued a possession claim?

Has your private landlord issued a claim for possession of your home under Section 21 or Section 8 Notice?  Has your social landlord issued a claim for possession on the basis of a Notice to Quit or any other types of notices?

If so, we can help you investigate the matter and advise you on the best course of action available to you. If the landlord’s action can be defended, we vigorously challenge the claim and make appropriate representation for you at Court.

Where there is no defence available or that the merit of the defence available is poor, we try our best to find a suitable solution for you. This may include simply delaying the eviction if you need more time to locate alternative accommodation.

What should you do should your property be in disrepair?
Open What should you do should your property be in disrepair?

Housing disrepair is a problem that almost all tenants can experience in both social housing and privately let accommodation.

It can be very disruptive if a landlord has declined or simply ignored to carry out remedial works or  failed to maintain the property in a suitable condition. Something that he is legally required to do so under Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 and/or terms of the tenancy.

We understand the impact of such failure on a tenant and their family members, particularly if someone is already suffering from medical condition that can be exacerbated by the condition of the dwelling.

At Farani Taylor Solicitors, we can help you solve any disrepair issues. This includes following the Housing Disrepair Pre-Action Protocol procedure and providing representation for you at Court.

Our aim is to legally compel the landlord to fix the fault as well as pursuing them for damages where applicable. The team’s track record of success speaks for itself and they can help.

Please also check out our page for Housing Disrepair we have listed out the step-by-step process for making housing disrepair claims and other detailed information.

What is tenancy succession?
Open What is tenancy succession?

The law states that a deceased tenant’s spouse/partner or cohabitee can succeed a tenancy if they were occupying the dwelling as their principal home at the time of the deceased’s death.

Recent changes in the law have meant that immediate family no longer would automatically succeed a tenancy. There are times whereby the deceased’s family may be able to succeed however, it requires analysis of the provisions of the tenancy or social housing policies.

Being able to succeed a tenancy could be extremely valuable to family members. An example of which would be the right to buy the property at a discount amount.

If you meet or believe you could meet the criteria as to whether you could succeed a deceased tenancy, our reputable and experienced solicitors can help you. Depending on the facts of the case, if the local council or social landlord refuses to transfer the tenancy to you, the decision can be challenged through the Court. Our team has acted for many clients in the past in respect of tenancy succession and they have achieved fantastic outcome for them.

What is unlawful eviction?
Open What is unlawful eviction?

Our experience tells us that there are landlords and letting agents who sometimes try to cut corners and evict tenants from their properties without first obtaining a possession order and notice of eviction.

Under the Protection from Eviction Act 1977, it is unlawful to evict a tenant who has a tenancy agreement without a court order. There are tenants who occupy properties on the basis of a licence or lodger agreements which do not attract the same security of tenure. However, even if you are occupying a property based on a licence or lodger agreement, there is no harm in seeking legal advice as you might be covered under the Act.

If it is proven that a landlord has unlawfully evicted you from a rented property, you may be entitled to damages under the Act. It is also possible (provided that you want to move back in to the property) to apply to the court for an injunction order requiring them to allow you back into the property. If the landlord has seized your personal possessions, you could also apply to the court for the delivery up of those possessions.

What should you do if issued anti-social behaviour proceedings?
Open What should you do if issued anti-social behaviour proceedings?

If your local housing authority or social landlord has issued proceedings in the County Court for an Injunction Order under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, our dedicated team can assist you in defending the case all the way including the final hearing subject to merit assessment.

In addition, we can represent you in the County Court in respect of an application for committal on the basis of an alleged disobedience of a Court Order that is instigated by the local housing authority or social landlord against you.

Our excellent team of housing solicitors have a fantastic track record of successfully defending the proceedings named above. Therefore, if and when such proceedings are issued against you and you require assistance, you are welcome to contact us. Where there are weaknesses in your case, we will advise you accordingly so that you can make a sound decision before the matter is escalated any further.

What are Civil Injunction, Neighbour Dispute & Committal Proceedings?
Open What are Civil Injunction, Neighbour Dispute & Committal Proceedings?

Under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, if someone is harassed, intimidated, verbally abused or threatened can apply to the County Court for a Civil Injunction Order against the perpetrator.

In our experience, this is quite common place among neighbours and the dispute can arise from anything ranging from complaining about a neighbour placing/throwing their rubbish in your driveway/garden to having serious arguments concerning excessive noise during the day and throughout the night which effectively deprives you of your quiet enjoyment of your home.

Breach of an Injunction Order can be enforced by way of Committal Proceedings. So, if a person fails to comply with the terms of the Order, you can ask the court to send him/her to prison for up to two years.

If you have a problem such as the above, we can help you reach a resolution for you either by writing to the perpetrator or to apply to the Court for a Civil Injunction Order. Our experienced team of Housing Solicitors have successfully assisted many clients in the past and so their expertise in this area will definitely help you.

If you are looking for further information please also check out here for Civil Injunctions and Neighbor Disputes.

How will your case be funded?
Open How will your case be funded?

There are various options open for a case to be funded. We will discuss this with you in more details once we have discussed your case with you.  However, the followings are the ways in which we may be able to assist you.

  • Legal Aid subject to your eligibility
  • Privately Paying with the possibility to agree fixed fee
  • No Win No Fee (Conditional Fee Agreement)
What is Legal Aid and can I get it?
Open What is Legal Aid and can I get it?

At Farani Taylor Solicitors, we can provide you with Legal Aid in respect of Crime, Family and Housing (Housing incudes Possession Proceedings under Section 8 or Section 21, Homelessness Review/Appeal, Unlawful Eviction, Disrepair brought as a counterclaim in Section 8 proceedings (i.e. rent arrears)).

In addition, under our Civil Legal Aid Contract, we can also assist you with regards to many other arrears of law including but not limited to Civil Injunction, Committal Proceedings, Anti-Social Behaviour, Housing Disrepair as a stand Alone Claim provided it causes serious harm to individual’s health and Judicial Review/Appeal.

Eligibility Criteria for Legal Aid:

If you are in receipt of Passported Benefits/Non-Means Tested Benefits (i.e. Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance Income-related, Employment and Support Allowance Income-related, Universal Credits, you are automatically entitled to Legal Aid subject to capital assessment.

If you are not receiving any of the above benefits, you may still be entitled to Legal Aid but subject to assessing your income and capital.

Whether or not you are eligible for Legal Aid in relation to your particular case, our team discuss it with you when you first contact us or meet us including informing you of what documentation we require from you should you be eligible for Legal Aid.

Can solicitors help with council housing?
Open Can solicitors help with council housing?

Your home should be a safe space for you and your loved ones and if it’s not, we can help. We have claimed thousands of pounds in compensation for council house tenants and successfully resolved thousands of disputes. Contact our Housing solicitors and find out more here.

Will I get evicted if my landlord takes me to court?
Open Will I get evicted if my landlord takes me to court?

If you are in rent arrears your landlord can threaten to evict you and even try and take you to court. To do this they will require a repossession order and will have to follow a specific process in order to be able to obtain one. Don’t delay in seeking legal advice if you are in this position. Contact us today for free, no-obligation advice on what action you can take.

What can I do if about poor conditions in property?
Open What can I do if about poor conditions in property?

Your first step will be to contact your landlord and attempt to resolve the situation with them. If a suitable outcome cannot be met, it may be time to reach out to an expert on housing and property law for the classification of your rights in this situation.

What is an unfair decision of council housing application?
Open What is an unfair decision of council housing application?

Depending on the circumstances most unfair decisions can and should be challenged. You can start with an appeal and speak with your council about why you believe their decision was unfair. However, without full disclosure, we cannot advise generally on what you should do. If you would like more advice then please contact us and we can advise you on your individual circumstances.

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