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Farani Taylor Solicitors prides itself on providing inclusive and accessible legal advice for everyone. Our LGBT solicitors have delivered legal advice to the LGBT community for the last decade, providing empathetic, knowledgeable guidance and a true understanding of the issues the LGBT frequently face.

Working with Charities

Many of the legal prejudices we encounter in relation to the LGBT community are highly sensitive and often involve regurgitating traumatic experiences of discrimination. 

Our LGBT solicitors London are experts within their field, maintaining excellence, sensitivity, and understanding throughout client liaison. We pride ourselves on putting our clients’ needs first, always ensuring you receive the best outcome for your circumstances.

What services do our LGBT solicitors provide?

Farani Taylor Solicitors are committed to the promotion of equality and diversity.

Regardless of your situation our team will support and advise you, ensuring total transparency, respect, and sensitivity at all times. 

We provide legal advice to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered communities. Our advice includes a free initial consultation and should you need any legal support, we can assist you through the process.

Our legal team can advise you on a variety of areas of law including:

  • Human Rights Law
  • Immigration Advice
  • Wills and Inheritance Advice
  • Cohabitation
  • Employment Law
  • Conveyancing

If you would like more information about our services, or perhaps have a matter involving something not listed here, please contact our LGBT solicitors London who would be happy to support you with your enquiry.

LGBT Divorce

The demise of any relationship is usually an overwhelming experience and should your relationship reach this point, our LGBT solicitors are here for you. Our lawyers will guide and support you through this emotional time, carefully detailing all of the options available to you, clearly and empathetically. 

In the majority of cases, the courts will expect both parties to have defined and agreed their stipulations before going to court. Our solicitors will help you prepare for this, especially in financial arrangement matters, avoiding a lengthy and costly litigation process. With our guidance, you can be confident your decision-making is practical and logical, achieving the best possible outcome for you and your future.

LGBT Family Law

LGBT couples have the same legal matters to deal with as heterosexual couples, as well as matters involving same-sex relationships. If you require legal advice pertaining to your relationship, it is always recommended to seek the advice of an experienced LGBT solicitor, who not only understands UK law but also recognises and empathises with matters concerning the LGBT community.

Our family law solicitors have extensive experience working with the LGBT community and can provide support and guidance with the following matters:

  • Pre-nuptial /Pre-civil Partnership Agreements

Many couples opt to protect their assets with a legal document by using a prenuptial/ pre-civil partnership arrangement. The law is still somewhat confusing regarding the legal stance of this type of arrangement, so it is always worth discussing your objectives and arrangements with a legal professional.

  • Cohabitation Agreements and Living together arrangements

This type of agreement has no legal standing, however, it details the expectations of the couple choosing to cohabit, defining how financial matters are dealt with throughout the relationship in the event of a separation. 

  • Children Law

Matters concerning children are always of paramount importance in any relationship however, in same sex relationships, they can be somewhat more complex to resolve. Our expert LGBT solicitors can provide you with free advice on your situation, ensuring your children’s well-being is at the forefront of every service we provide. 

  • Divorce and Civil Partnership Dissolution

All relationship separations are arguably one of the most distressing life events a person can experience. Divorce and Civil partnership dissolution adds an extra amount of stress and upset because it’s not simply a ‘break-up’ you are having to deal with. Our LGBT solicitors have extensive experience with divorce and civil partnership dissolution, meaning you can be confident that your concerns are handled professionally and empathetically, delivering the best outcome for your situation and future. 

  • Adoption for same-sex couples

Whether you are in a same-sex relationship or are a single person, all people attributed with the LGBTQIA community now have rights to adopt, just as a single or heterosexual couple would. If you would like more information about adoption or require further legal advice to ensure your adoption process runs smoothly, our LGBT solicitors offer a free, confidential consultation where we can provide you with all of the guidance and information you’ll require to become a parent in this way. 

  • LGBTQIA family mediation and collaborative law

In every family matter, we always encourage implementing mediation strategies to attempt to reach a mutual resolution prior to opting with the court. We regularly work with independent mediators to provide our clients with the best professional support they can receive in this circumstance. Mediation is often the more timely, cost-effective route to resolving disputes and the majority of clients prefer this option over the anxiety and frustration a court process can bring. 

Another resolution option is collaborative law. This is where both parties instruct their own independent legal representatives who will work with one another to source the best outcome for both parties. 

LGBT Discrimination

Society has made huge steps towards understanding and promoting inclusivity with regards to the LGBT community, however, there is sadly far more work to do to achieve complete equality. It is deeply upsetting that discrimination still occurs and more so how regularly the LGBT community are victims of it. It is not something you simply have to tolerate because of your life choices and at Farani Taylor, we are firm advocates of inclusivity and equality, making consistent impactful efforts to fight discrimination. If you have been a victim of discrimination, whether that’s in the workplace, by your neighbours or members of the general public, our LGBT solicitors will fight with you and for you to ensure that your matter is dealt with professionally, sensitively, and expertly; combining our legal expertise and experience to support you through every step.

LGBT Immigration

Our immigration team specialises in all matters concerning immigration. We utilise our multidisciplinary team, working closely with our LGBT solicitors to ensure your needs are met and objectives achieved. If you are considering your immigration options or perhaps are hoping to arrange a civil partnership or marriage with a resident of another country, contact our solicitors who will advise you of the best course of action to take. We offer free initial consultations which are completely confidential. 

LGBT Wills and Probate

If you are considering writing a will or have some questions regarding a probate matter, our expert solicitors can provide free, no-obligation advice to ensure you are fully equipped to deal with your situation. For more information regarding our wills and probate options, please see our wills and estate planning page here.

LGBT Employment

If you have any concerns or questions regarding employment law, our dedicated employment law solicitors are here to help. If you are a victim of discrimination in the workplace, or perhaps wish to start a grievance against your employer, a legal expert can advise you of your options, equipping you with expert legal knowledge and support. For more information on our employment law services, please review our employment law page here.

Surrogacy Law

The laws surrounding surrogacy vary quite considerably in different countries, therefore it is advisable to seek the support of a legal expert to help you pursue your surrogacy options. Our LGBT solicitors can support you throughout the entirety of your surrogacy journey, whether it’s providing legal knowledge attributed to another country, parental responsibility or an agreement outlining the expectations of this type of relationship. 

We can also advise you on suitable expense payments for your surrogate, UK law surrounding surrogacy, budgeting, and of course how you plan on bringing your child home. 

Whatever your concerns may be, our LGBT solicitors will guide you through this exciting time, ensuring the needs of you and your family are met at every stage.

Parental Responsibility

Parental responsibility defines who has full legal control over matters to do with a child. Usually, the maternal mother is granted immediate parental responsibility, but how will this affect you in matters pertaining to surrogacy and adoption? 

Our LGBT solicitors can guide you through all aspects of parental responsibility, even if you are divorcing or dissolving your civil partnership. We will handle your situation sensitively and professionally, delivering excellence throughout your time working with us.

Farani Taylor Solicitors is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority

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If you both have parental rights over a child, you will need to mutually agree with your partner who has custody of the child on a regular basis. You can explore this further through mediation if you are struggling to mutually agree on an arrangement and our solicitors can support you with this process. If you do not have parental responsibility for the child then custody will automatically be granted to the parent that does. If you wish to contest this for grounds of negligence or you’re concerned about the welfare of your child, you can contact our family law solicitors who will advise you on the best options available to you.

Key Contacts

If you are looking for help and guidance or have a question relating to LGBT Community, please contact us today on +44 (0)20 7242 1666.

Ishratara Islam

Head of the Family Department

Fehmina Farani


Farhan Farani

Managing Director

Key Contacts

If you are looking for help and guidance or have a question relating to LGBT Community, please contact us today on +44 (0)20 7242 1666.

Farhan Farani
Managing Director
Ishratara Islam
Head of the Family Department