Fehmina Farani has more than 10 years’ experience in extradition, mental health, corporate immigration law and Human Rights Law. She is a public law practitioner with a particular focus on Human Rights, child law and women rights and refugee. She has vast experience in Children Act proceedings. She advised and dealt with the most complex and challenging matters involving children and women rights in the Court.

She specialises in corporate law relating to employers, work permit, entrepreneur visas. She has provided bespoke services to corporate sector.

Fehmina successfully represented these matters both in First Tier Tribunal and Upper Tribunal involving both private and public law. She has dealt with matters which proceeded in both Upper Tribunal and Administrative Court for oral permission or substantive hearing. Those matters usually engaged:

  • Extradition
  • Family and private life rights of migrant children and also children born in the UK
  • Human Trafficking/Domestic violence
  • Family reunion/settlement
  • Entry clearance applications
  • Nationality/stateless child
  • TOIEC matters
  • Curtailment issues

She has impeccable expertise in Human Rights matters involving extradition, asylum and Human Rights issues. She has dealt huge numbers of cases where children were engaged and their applications were refused either with or without in country right of appeal. She also extensively skilled to advise and represent in European Law matters. Such matters include retention of right, marriage or partnership based applications.

Fehmina is a Public Law practioner. Her main practice is on Human Rights, Immigration Law and Refugee. She has particular expertise in all aspects of Human Rights Act 1998. She has a flourishing Judicial Review practice in Human Rights, refugee, immigration law, subsidiary child contact orders/issues. She frequently extended to all kinds of Public Law challenges to the Home Office decision making. She has been actively litigating no right of appeal judicial reviews on human rights grounds.

She also practices Family Law for divorce matters. She has experience in personal injury (RTA) matters.