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British Nationality Law

Naturalisation is the process of becoming a British citizen from another country. Our experts can help you to navigate the application.

British citizenship and nationality is a complex area of law.

There are 6 types of British nationality, British:

  • Citizenship
  • overseas citizen (BOC)
  • national (Overseas)
  • protected person (BPP)
  • overseas territories citizen (BOTC)
  • subject

British Citizenship

The most common type of British nationality is British citizenship which grants individuals the right to reside in the UK permanently free of immigration control.

The two ways one can acquire British citizenship are British citizenship by descent or British citizenship otherwise by descent. The way in which you acquire the citizenship depends on

  • When you were born;
  • Where you were born
  • You parent’s circumstances at your birth


For adults not born in the UK or to British national parents, the most common way to obtain citizenship is through naturalisation.  Therefore, if you have obtained indefinite leave to remain in the UK, you may apply for naturalisation subject to meeting the relevant requirements.

Registering as a British Citizen

Children under 18 years old can acquire British citizenship through registration.

Whether you are seeking to apply for naturalisation or register your child as a British citizen there are certain criteria to be met. We at Farani Taylor can help you navigate through the complexity of this area of law. 

Dual Nationality

In the UK, you are entitled to hold any other nationality you had prior to become a British national. However, Dual nationality is prohibited by other countries. Our specialist solicitors can assess if your country prohibits dual nationality.

With regards to the other five types of British nationality highlighted above, these cases are rare. However, those who fall into one of the other categories above are not usually provided with the right to work or live in the UK without the need for an application to correct their immigration status.

British nationality law continues to remain a complex matter. Therefore it is not surprising that there are some people who are unaware of their British National eligibility.

Therefore, if you believe you could fall into one of the categories, we can assist you. Contact us today on 020 7242 1666. Our specialist immigration lawyers will guide you through your application.

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