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A-Z of Client services

If you are looking to open a charity or are a senior charity official looking for legal advice then our team can help.

The vast majority of the medical profession act with the utmost care and competence. However, on isolated occasions when an error is made, the consequences can be devastating.

If are looking to purchase commercial property or need advice around how to structure property purchases then you need to speak to our commercial property team.

Investing in property is a huge financial decision. It is one of the most stressful life events.

If you are looking to either employ foreign staff or set up a business in the UK then you need to apply for the appropriate application. Our experts have years of experience helping entrepreneurs build their businesses.

Running a business is daunting enough without proper advice. Therefore you need a corporate law firm you can trust. We support you with the building blocks to ensure your business is successful.

The prospect of being faced with criminal law proceedings can be incredibly distressing. If you are under investigation or face a criminal charge, you need the advice and support of our criminal defence solicitors immediately.

Unpaid debts affect you and your business, creating uncertainty and can even impact your ability to pay your staff or creditors.

Our debt recovery solicitors can provide you with cost-effective debt recovery solutions, supporting you in recoupling what is rightfully yours.

Our expert employment solicitors London are here to help support and guide you on employment issues including settlement agreements, contract reviews, unfair dismissal, and harassment in the workplace. If you require advice, click here for employment solicitors near me.

Estate planning can seem both complex and overwhelming, at Farani Taylor we are here to provide you with our expertise and knowledge to make the process as easy as possible. We simplify the complexities of estate planning so you and your family can plan and enjoy your future together.

Our experienced family law solicitors in London can help you whatever the situation whether you are getting a pre-nuptial agreement or divorce. Our team can guide and advise.

Our housing solicitors have helped hundreds of clients providing advice around management and property litigation. We help both individuals and institutions.

If you are looking to start a business in the UK or plan to move to the UK, then we are your best choice to review your situation and provide a strategic plan.

Farani Taylor Solicitors prides itself on providing inclusive and accessible legal advice for everyone. Our LGBT solicitors have delivered legal advice to the LGBT community for the last decade, providing empathetic, knowledgeable guidance and a true understanding of the issues the LGBT frequently face.

We pride ourselves on being transparent on pricing. Our fees are competitive and we try to meet all our clients needs.

If you are involved in a legal dispute and need resolution our experts can help. The process is complex and challenging therefore our experienced team provide a plan to ensure you come away happy.

No-one deserves to be put at risk. If you have had an accident that was not your fault you could be entitled to receive financial compensation.

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