Housing disrepair

Everyone has the right to stay in a well-maintained property. Contact us if the landlord has been ignoring you. Our housing disrepair solicitors have helped tenants making claims for various conditions from pests, mould to external/ internal damages.

Housing disrepair is a problem that almost all tenants experience in both social housing and privately let accommodation.

It can be very disruptive if a landlord has declined or simply ignored requests to carry out remedial works or failed to maintain the property in a suitable condition.

At Farani Taylor, our housing disrepair solicitors understand the impact of such failure on a tenant and their family members, particularly if someone is suffering from medical conditions that can be exacerbated by the condition of the dwelling. Our expert team will work tirelessly on your behalf to resolve any issues, ensuring your property is restored in a timely, satisfactory manner.

How our Housing Disrepair solicitors could help?

Whether you want to know more about your rights or the laws surrounding housing disrepair, or have exhausted all other options, our housing disrepair solicitors are here for you. We provide free, confidential advice and support, detailing your options and supporting you through every facet of your claim. For more information, contact our experts here.

What services do we provide?

If you believe your property is in disrepair, we can help you.

Our housing disrepair solicitors have extensive experience in resolving these matters, ensuring your issue is resolved in a sensitive, professional manner. 

We have supported clients with various types of housing disrepair issues including;

  • Pests and vermin
  • Damp and mould
  • Damaged pipework
  • Gas and heating issues
  • Electrical faults
  • External wall damage 
  • Internal wall damage
  • Hazards
  • Unsanitary properties or communal areas

This list is not exhaustive and if you believe your property is in disrepair that is not listed above, contact our expert team who will support you with your inquiry.

Claim Compensation

Health Issues caused by Housing Disrepair

Requesting safe and sanitary living conditions from your landlord or housing association is not unreasonable. Properties suffering with disrepair often deteriorate further over time, deepening the issue requiring repair. Many of our clients contact us after lengthy disputes with their landlords by which point the property is almost uninhabitable and/or has started to affect their health.

The types of health issues that our clients have developed after a housing disrepair matter are as follows: 

  • Issues with breathing eg exacerbated asthma, pneumonia or other respiratory infections
  • Impact on mental health 
  • Stomach problems eg viruses and  stomach upset
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Injury following falls or trips over hazards
  • Electrocution/electric shock

If any of these matters resonate with you, or any other ailments you feel have developed or worsened since your housing disrepair matter began, you do not have to accept this. 

Contact our housing disrepair solicitors here who will discuss your options with you. We will resolve your matter on your behalf, ensuring relationships are maintained and your house becomes your home again.

What is Housing Disrepair?

The term ‘housing disrepair’ encompasses many issues pertaining to property maintenance. Usually, if you are inhabiting a space that is poorly maintained or even hazardous, regardless of the specificities of this matter, it will fall under disrepair. 

Many clients have reported minor works being required in a small area of their home, whilst others have noted significant damage in multiple sites within their property.

Types of issues that fall under disrepair are as follows: 

This list is not exhaustive and we would suggest speaking with our housing disrepair solicitors here to determine your rights and how to deal with your housing disrepair matter. 

Housing Disrepair Responsibility of Landlord

Your tenancy agreement will outline the responsibilities of your landlord and yourself, however, your landlord is generally responsible for the following:

  • Exterior or structural damage eg walls drains, guttering, windows etc
  • Drainage issues and pipework
  • Gas pipes and boilers 
  • Water tanks
  • Radiators
  • Fire protection measures
  • Heaters and fires

Irrespective of whether your tenancy details outline these responsibilities or not, your landlord cannot remove or amend them; they are also not allowed to pass on any of the attributed repair fees to you or other tenants. 

You should make any repair requests to your landlord in a timely manner. Your landlord will be able to contest repairs and associated fees should the matter have been on-going and left unreported. 

If you are unsure as to whether your matter constitutes as disrepair and indeed, whether or not you are liable for remedying the problem, speak to one of our team of expert housing disrepair solicitors here who can examine your circumstances, providing the best outcome for you.

Housing Disrepair claims 

If your landlord has failed to make satisfactory repairs to your property, or is simply avoiding any conversation regarding the matter, you may be eligible to make a housing disrepair claim. 

Our best housing disrepair solicitors can guide you through the process, outlining all potential outcomes of your case. You do not have to accept substandard living conditions. 

Our solicitors are experienced in maintaining amicable relationships and will ensure your matter is resolved, professionally and sensitively.

Taking Actions against your landlord

Taking action against your landlord can seem overwhelming and many people choose not to opt to do this for fear of eviction. The rights and legislation surrounding this type of matter is designed to resolve disputes without impacting your tenancy. 

If you have reported a repair to your landlord and they have failed to resolve the matter in a timely, appropriate fashion, or even ignored it altogether, you are within your rights to make a claim against your landlord.

We always encourage tenants to speak calmly with landlords first, making a claim should be considered as a last resort. If you feel it is too overwhelming to challenge them alone, or your efforts have failed, our housing disrepair solicitors are here to help. 

We are able to action a full claim, or simply mediate communication between both parties. 

No one should have to live in substandard conditions and your landlord’s negligence is unacceptable. 

Housing Disrepair Compensation claims and housing disrepair law

Our housing disrepair solicitors have extensive experience in handling housing disrepair compensation claims, recouping thousands of pounds for our clients as a result of negligence by their landlord.

If your personal property has been damaged or destroyed as a result of disrepair, or you or your family have suffered medically as a consequence of the matter, you could be owed compensation. We can also raise a compensation claim if your property has been uninhabitable or your daily routine has been impeded by the issue.

Click here to Speak with one of our housing disrepair solicitors regarding your matter, we can provide you with free advice, detailing legislation that will support your claim.

Damp and mould

Damp and mould are usually the most common disrepair issues we encounter with our clients. Damp and mould are easy to spot and remedy, resulting usually from groundwater rising through the property walls or from poor insulation and ventilation. However, if left untreated, damp and mould can spread throughout the property, damaging structures, fittings, personal belongings and affect your health. Speak to one of our specialists today to find out how to resolve this matter with your landlord.

Gas or water leaks

Gas and water leaks are very dangerous matters to leave unresolved. If you have been allowed to live in a property that fails to meet basic health and safety standards, our specialist team can help you not only remedy the problem but recoup compensation for your upset too.

Structural defect claims

Structural damage and repair are dangerous and if left unresolved, can cause serious issues for tenants. Living in a property that is structurally unsafe is unacceptable. Speak with one of our housing disrepair specialists regarding your property matter and let us help you claim back your home. 

Mice and Insect Infestation

Pests and vermin are unsanitary and should not be present in or around your home. Pests and vermin tend to access a property if there are cracks or holes in walls, garden areas left unmanaged or if the property or surrounding areas are unsanitary. There are also instances in which they can access the property by deficient drainage or pipework but whatever the reason for their presence, you don’t need to share your home with them. If your landlord has failed to take your concerns seriously, we can help. Arrange a free, confidential consultation with a member of our best housing disrepair solicitors today and let us get rid of your unwanted ‘guests’.

Lack of hot water

Your landlord has a responsibility to provide suitable and maintained hot water installations. Lack of access to hot water can cause you and your family discomfort and worse. Once you have reported any issues with your water to your landlord, they have a responsibility to fix in a timely and efficient manner. They should be taking action within 24 hours. If they do not then our housing disrepair solicitors can help to ensure that the hot water is fixed.

Heating issues

Heating issues are not simply an inconvenience, they can be harmful to you and your family’s health too. Your landlord has a duty of care to solve this type of disrepair in a timely manner and if they have failed to do so, you could be eligible for compensation.

Electrical issues

Electrical faults can be highly dangerous if not resolved quickly and efficiently by a professional. Electric shocks and even electrocution can occur if works are not carried out almost immediately, your landlord is entirely responsible for ensuring your property is safe to live in. Speak with one of our specialists who can advise you on your rights and the duties your landlord is responsible for. 

Broken windows and door claims

Not only are broken windows and doors potentially dangerous, they also make your property unsecure from potential intruders. Your landlord should make it a priority to remedy this type of issue and if they fail to do so, you have grounds for a complaint.

How to make housing disrepair claims

You are not obligated to accept liability for any disrepair in your home. You are also not obligated to simply remain silent on the matter.

If you have made attempts to resolve the matter with your landlord, or perhaps need guidance on how to do this, contact our housing disrepair solicitors who will advise you on your matter.

Making a claim is simple and we evaluate your circumstances providing a roadmap on how to complain. 

Contact us for a free initial consultation. We examine your circumstances determining the best course of action. If necessary, we enlist the support of an independent surveyor to attend your premises to determine what the issues are.

After this, we or you can contact your landlord requesting repairs that need to be made. 

If your landlord fails to take action or carries out work in an unsatisfactory manner, we can then seek a county court claim. Regardless of a county court claim, you may still be entitled to compensation for the suffering you have endured. Speak with a member of our team today to discuss your options. 

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My social landlord ignores my complaint, what should I do?
Open My social landlord ignores my complaint, what should I do?

Your social landlord has a duty of care to ensure your repairs are carried out in a suitable and timely manner. You do not have to accept poor living conditions simply because you are in affordable accommodation. If you would like one of our solicitors to examine your issues, or perhaps require further advice, contact our housing disrepair solicitors today for a free consultation.

How much compensation for housing disrepair can I expect?
Open How much compensation for housing disrepair can I expect?

There is no definitive amount you can receive and ultimately, the amount of compensation you receive depends upon various factors. As an example, how long the property has been in disrepair, the impact on you and your family and the type of repair required. For more information, contact us now.

Can you sue a landlord for emotional stress?
Open Can you sue a landlord for emotional stress?

We will examine your options with you, determining the best route to embark upon when seeking compensation. Stress is definitely a contributing factor to a housing disrepair claim but it is not the deciding factor. Contact our housing disrepair solicitors for more support and guidance on this matter. We have excellent professional relationships with various support networks and can put you in touch with them too.

What is penetrating damp?
Open What is penetrating damp?

Penetrating damp is where damp has now started impacting sub walls and fittings. Damp can be a serious matter and if left untreated can seriously impact your home and health. Contact a specialist today to learn more about how we can help.

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