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Student Visas

If you are a student looking to come to study in the UK, we can help. Our team understand the rules and can help assess your application.

Student Visa- Tier 4 (General)

This is a Point Based System application for the purposes of coming to the UK for studies. To qualify for a student visa, student must ensure that they have obtained 40 points:

  • 10 points for funds and maintenance
  • 30 points for a valid Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies CAS.

Process of applying for a Student Visa


You must demonstrated that you have enough funds to pay for your course and also afford your maintenance whilst you are in the UK. The mount varies depending on your particular circumstances.

You must also provide a CAS to confirm that you have been offered a place on a course from an institution that is recognised and issued with a sponsor license. The Home Office also requires that other general requirements such as your knowledge of the English Language and compliance with the Entry Clearance Officers are met amongst others.

When can I apply?

You can apply no earlier than 3 months before you start your course.

Can I invite a Dependant?

You can apply to bring your spouse, civil partner, unmarried partner or dependent child in the UK if you are studying on a course that meets the Home Office requirements. You will need to show that you can support them financially and accommodate them without recourse to public funds.

Can I extend my Visa?

You can make an in time application form within the UK to extend your visa if you intend to carry on with your studies. You must continue to meet the eligibility requirements and have a sponsor.

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