Immigration Law

If you are looking to start a business in the UK or plan to move to the UK, then we are your best choice to review your situation and provide a strategic plan.

At Farani Taylor, we have established a reputation for excellence. 

If you are considering a move to the UK or would like to set up a business in the UK, we are confident that we can provide you with the best advice and solutions for you and your circumstances. 

Specialist Immigration Lawyers With Years of Experience

Our immigration solicitors have supported many individuals and businesses in obtaining visas for the UK. In using years of experience and knowledge we have also acted on behalf of our clients to challenge Home Office immigration decisions.

At Farani Taylor, we work tirelessly to understand our clients’ needs and objectives. Our specialist team collectively deliver a wealth of knowledge, languages and experience, aiding our clients in achieving their desired outcomes as simply and economically as possible.

We are passionate about immigration law, bringing commitment and understanding to every case we are working on, ensuring our clients are at the forefront of everything we do.

Working with the Home Office

 At Farani Taylor, we pride ourselves on our commitment to understanding and implementing current guidelines and legislations. We look closely at Home Office guidelines and processes, meticulously examining each protocol to ensure our clients receive the most up to date, valuable information.

Our Immigration solicitors are held in high regard and have worked directly with The Home Office on many occasions in order to produce optimum results for our cases.

Immigration advice for individuals

 If you are considering a move to the UK, understanding all of the guidelines and expected timelines can be complex and frustrating. Our Immigration solicitors are here to help you eliminate the confusion and obtain peace of mind, knowing you are being supported and expertly advised throughout every stage of your application.

Immigration advice for companies and investors

If you require a UK visa for corporate accounts and businesses, our expert team can guide you through every process from initial application to completion. We pride ourselves on making UK law accessible and simple. Our immigration solicitors can provide you with simple, free, no obligation advice, making sure you are equipped with all current guidelines to informatively make and submit your application.

The services we provide

Whether you require a short-stay visa or are considering settlement in the UK, Farani Taylor can look at your circumstances and create a bespoke action plan to fulfil your needs. Our experienced immigration solicitors offer a wealth of services to cater to our clients’ objectives, both in the UK and internationally. Our bilingual team will facilitate and guide you through all aspects of UK legislation, enabling you to make informed decisions about your options.

Private clients

For individuals, our private immigration lawyers provide dedicated expert advice for those looking to invest, innovate or join families in the UK. We are recognised, trusted specialists, here we will outline some of the areas we can help you.

Our Immigration solicitors pride themselves on developing strategies that are inclusive and accessible for every client. We understand the importance of providing services that achieve results whilst being economical and swift in their approach. Whatever your intentions, our specialists will work with you, delivering excellence and support every step of the way.

Family and foreign partners (Spouse Visa)

Our families are so important and at Farani Taylor we understand the necessity of bringing them together. If your spouse or family member is residing abroad, they will need to obtain a ‘leave to enter’ before they can travel to the UK. In enlisting the support of an immigration solicitor, you can be sure your application will be generated on your behalf quickly and meticulously, allowing your family time to prepare for their journey to the UK rather than concerning themselves with the legalities of the process. Our bilingual immigration solicitors provide you and your family with a professional channel that will enable you to comprehensively understand the application process, with the comfort and knowledge that you are supported and protected by our multidisciplinary team. Read more here.

British residency, permit and nationality

When it’s time to apply for your residency, we understand that this can be the final step to a long process. Our immigration solicitors will work with you from start to completion, enabling your application to have a high chance of success. Even if you are some time away from applying for British residency or naturalisation, our team can also advise you on how to prepare for a successful application in the future. Read more here.

Student Visa

The UK education system is one of the most highly regarded and respected institutions in the world. If you or a family member would like to study in the UK but the student is a foreign national, our immigration solicitors will help you apply for a student visa or support you in extending your current visa so you can complete your studies.

Before a student visa can be processed, you must have been accepted onto a course in the UK and complete an English test. We can help you successfully complete the application process and get you to where you want to be. Read more here.

For entrepreneurs and innovators

If you are a business professional looking to add the UK market to your current success story, then our experts can help you expand. Here are some of the services we provide:

Investor Visa

Our expert immigration solicitors hold an excellent rate of successful applications and a remarkable track record for successfully challenging the refusals of all visa applications including even the most complex. If you are interested in obtaining an investor visa or business visa, our innovative team of experts can provide you with options and results, eliminating the frustrations and complexities of this type of application. Read more here.

Start-up Visa

At Farani Taylor we understand how difficult it can be to set up a new business, particularly when you are targeting a foreign demographic. It takes a tremendous amount of hard work and having the right knowledge and professional guidance behind you is imperative to the process. Our immigration solicitors understand the needs of a start up business and can provide commercially astute and productive legal advice to successfully apply for a Start-up visa. If you would like some free, no obligation advice, contact our team and allow us to provide some insight into what you should expect when applying for this type of visa. Read more here.

Human Rights

Asylum protection

An application for asylum protection in the UK can be made if you fear persecution or ill-treatment in your country.

An applicant who fears persecution in their native country is one of the reasons you can apply for asylum in the UK and a successful application will be given refugee status in the UK. If you do not qualify for refugee status with an asylum application, we can still help you qualify for Humanitarian Protection based upon any requirements for protection of ill-treatment in your native country.

Our dedicated team can provide legal advice and assistance with all matters involving asylum and humanitarian protection. We are deeply passionate and committed to our Human Rights services, ensuring your needs and sensitive information is handled professionally and discreetly. Read more here.  

Finding Talent Abroad

If you are a current business owner, you may be looking to acquire skills from abroad. It can be difficult to obtain the correct license in Tier 2, Tier 4 and Tier 5, whilst ensuring that your company complies with its set criteria. The compliance of a sponsor license always remains an essential element, we are here to not only help you in obtaining one but also in making sure that you do not breach any of the requirements set by the Home Office.

Sole Representative Visa

The Sole Representative of an Overseas Business visa category is for businesses that want to send a senior employee to the UK to act on their behalf to establish a commercial presence. In order to obtain a Sole Representative visa you will need to evidence you meet several requirements. The exact requirements that you will need to satisfy will vary depending on your individual circumstances.  For more advice and information, please get in touch with our immigration solicitors who will talk you through the initial application phases and help you to understand what is required to make your application successful. Read more here.

Working Visa

If you are considering working in the UK, you will require a work visa. Many employers now offer work visas as incentives for working in the UK but there are still many requirements you must meet in order to receive one. The requirements will vary with each person’s circumstances, so there is no specific approach that will accommodate everyone’s application. At Farani Taylor, we will look at your circumstances and create a bespoke, strategic plan to ensure your work visa is submitted with correct evidence and care, whilst adhering to the strict guidelines required to make an application successful. Our team can also provide legal assistance for work visa renewal or extensions and potential Leave to Remain applications.

What are the benefits of hiring an immigration lawyer in London?

A good immigration solicitor holds the door open for you being able to live in a country legally without difficulty. The benefits of hiring an immigration solicitor in London is that they are already familiar with UK law and visa legislation. They have the benefit of the Home Office being physically within reach should an immediate visit be required to submit documents and the legal acumen to ensure your application is intrinsically linked with UK law, delivering the best possible outcome for your visa submission.

Even after your application is successful, there are still many requirements that need to be met in order to maintain a visa or apply for subsequent naturalisation in the UK. In enlisting the support of a London based immigration solicitor, you are not just investing in your immediate needs, but the needs of your future too.  

Immigration pricing

Depending on what type of visa you require, the cost will vary quite dramatically. Visas can be an expensive, time-consuming process; therefore, it is crucial that your application is entirely correct and meticulously drafted the first time around. We offer free, no-obligation advice on what visa will be the best option for you and from there you can make the decision to complete the process independently or with our support. We pride ourselves on making UK law accessible to everyone and can create bespoke packages that accommodate your needs, that are based entirely on your financial circumstances. Read more about our pricing.

Our London based, expert immigration solicitors  can guide you through the process. You can also contact us for advice, whatever your situation and status. Our dedicated team will always strive to support you as much as we can, keeping you constantly informed of changes and updates with your application, every step of the way.

Our expert immigration solicitors in London can help you navigate through the process. You can contact us today to assist, whatever your situation and status. It is always in the best interests of our immigration law solicitors to help you as much as we possibly can.

How fast can we submit my application?
Open How fast can we submit my application?

The waiting time for a visa decision starts from the moment you submit your application. The visa process can be lengthy depending on how much supporting evidence you have submitted as well as whether you meet all of the criteria required to gain a successful application. We have received successful applications back quite rapidly, but we have also had to contest a decision when an applicant has submitted information incorrectly, making the process considerably longer.

How immigration lawyers could help with visa extensions?
Open How immigration lawyers could help with visa extensions?

An immigration solicitor will look at all your circumstances and provide you with the foresight of what will be required to extend your stay. We have the professional understanding and ability to be able to contest unsuccessful applications on your behalf, equipping you with expert legal advice and knowledge, delivering the best conclusion for you.

What if my application is delayed?
Open What if my application is delayed?

Our immigration solicitors will support you every step of the way in applying for your visa, so even if for some reason your application is delayed, we will do our upmost to remedy this, maximising your chances of a successful outcome.

What if my visa application is rejected? How do I ppeal?
Open What if my visa application is rejected? How do I ppeal?

We have contested many visa decisions where an application has been incorrectly submitted or perhaps more supporting evidence is required. By choosing to work with an immigration solicitor prior to submission and for the duration of the process, you are providing yourself with the greatest foundation for success. We will prepare you for all scenarios in order to ensure your rejection is overturned and a subsequent application effective.

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