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Sharia Law Divorce

Our lawyers work closely with Muslim counsellors, religious scholars and Sharia Councils to ensure you get a Sharia Law divorce that is compliant with English law.

In the unfortunate event your marriage has reached its end, it is important to consult a Sharia divorce law specialist.

Our family law team support and guide you through your sharia law divorce. Our culturally diverse teamwork on your behalf whilst consistently being mindful of your faith, culture and beliefs delivering a divorce that is compliant with both Sharia and English law.

How our Solicitors could help with Sharia Law Divorce?

Sharia law intrinsically links culture and beliefs with every facet of its structure and processes. With this in mind, it is important to receive legal guidance from an expert who has the cultural understanding and experience to act appropriately according to Sharia law and the Islamic faith. 

Divorce is never an easy process and can be particularly emotional if children are involved. Our Sharia law specialists provide a knowledgeable and culturally aware service that enables you to feel supported and understood, whilst delivering the best outcome for you. 

Why choose us as your Islamic solicitor?

Choosing a solicitor is down to personal choice but it is always recommended to select a specialist within the legal sector you require support for. 

As with English Law, both spouses are able to obtain an Islamic UK divorce and solicitors are instructed by both men (Talaq) and women (Khula) who want a divorce. Farani Taylor has both male and female lawyers on our Sharia law team. Our Muslim lawyers work closely with Muslim counsellors, religious scholars and Sharia Councils to ensure you have a Sharia-compliant divorce. 

Working with Sharia councils

As a specialist Muslim family law team, our Sharia law solictors hold a wealth of experience with Sharia law divorce and marraige. We are sensitive to cultural and religious difficulties that clients face when dealing with Islamic divorce and have affiliation with Sharia councils as well as other professionals, to ensure you receive the most beneficial and supportive client experience possible.

Islamic Marriage

Marriage can be a beautiful event and when interwoven with religion and the joining of cultures, can be a transformative, positive experience . Our Sharia law solicitors can support you on your marriage journey in the initial phases, helping you to create a bespoke Islamic marriage contract that caters to both parties requirements and expectations. 

We also understand that for some, marriage can be the complete opposite and our Muslim solictors are on hand should you need us in the event of a relationship breakdown. We sensitively look at the needs of our client, exploring various different options with them to enable them to make decisions founded on their cultural and religious beliefs. We are very discreet in our approach and all consultations are 100% confidential. We do not take any action without your approval and always discuss in depth your options, working with you and for you at every step.

Islamic Marriage Contract

If you require an Islamic marriage contract (Nikah Nama), our expert team can advise and draft a bespoke contract for you both. We do recommend that you get in touch with us at least three months before your prescribed wedding date. This allows us more time to meticulously discuss and implement any negotiations and stipulations you both may have. 

Marriage Gift – Mahr

If you are considering what Mahr should be given to the groom upon marriage, our Sharia law team can help you. We will take into consideration the groom’s financial situation and offer guidance and negotiation at the time of payment of the Mahr, ensuring it is referred to as a security measure, payable in the event of a Sharia law divorce.

The procedure of the Sharia Law divorce 


Our Sharia law experts can assist with negotiations in Sharia law divorce. We understand the processes for both men and women and will liaise with Sharia Councils on your behalf if required. 

We understand the necessity for discretion and sensitivity and will work with you to ensure your divorce is finalised in a cost-effective, professional manner. 


Our specialist Sharia law solicitors are well-equipped to deal with all matters pertaining to a female-led divorce under Sharia law. We understand the cultural implications and will handle your case sensitively and discreetly, guiding you with your needs at the forefront of all we do. We will work with Sharia Councils if necessary, enabling you to receive optimum, culturally appropriate advice and support. 


The waiting period for Sharia law divorce can be an anxious time. Our team will support you through this, offering advice and information through every step of the process. We want to eliminate any further stress for you and will work tirelessly to ensure you are legally protected throughout. 

Annulment of marriage

There are circumstances in which an annulment to the marriage would be more suitable than a divorce, for example in the event of a forced marriage. Our Sharia law team can discuss your options, get in touch with us for a free, confidential consultation. 

Islamic Marriage Counselling and Mediation

If you or your partner are struggling to decide what is the best course of action for you, our team can assist you in making decisions. We can offer marriage counselling and mediation, using the Islamic faith as the basis for all advice and support. We have many external links with various resources, including Sharia councils and religious scholars. Our advice is never based on cultural or gender bias, we simply will look at your personal circumstances and help you decide what is the best outcome for you and your partner, whilst being entirely respectful of your beliefs and needs as individuals. 

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Can you be legally divorced simply by saying the Sharia Law method of uttering ‘talaq’ three times?
Open Can you be legally divorced simply by saying the Sharia Law method of uttering ‘talaq’ three times?

The talaq is the traditional Muslim method of the divorce process and the ‘triple talaq’ is where the husband states, ‘I divorce you’ three times. If said in the UK, it wouldn’t be enough for a legally enforceable divorce. The English courts do not recognise a unilateral divorce by a husband of his wife.

How can I obtain a Sharia law divorce in the UK?
Open How can I obtain a Sharia law divorce in the UK?

Depending on your situation and gender, there are different ways you can obtain a Sharia law divorce in the UK. As a woman you need with a Khula or Faskh and as a man you will need a Taleq.

If your marriage is also recognised under UK law, or if you had your Nikah in a country where your marriage was recognised by law then in addition to your Muslim divorce you will also need a civil divorce.

Is my Islamic marriage recognised under UK law?
Open Is my Islamic marriage recognised under UK law?

If you had your Nikah in the UK and you didn’t obtain a civil marriage your marriage is not recognised by UK law, therefore you will not need a civil divorce.

If you had your Nikah in a country where this is recognised by law before moving to the UK, your marriage is recognised by law and you will also require a civil divorce.

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