Legal Aid and Housing

There is a widespread public perception (in some cases shared by advisers and community organisations) that Legal Help and/or Legal Aid is no longer available for anything other than criminal cases. However, we are happy to state that this is a myth and that Legal Help and/or Legal Aid is available in civil cases (subject to financial eligibility and merits assessment) for many who need it, both to obtain advice and to take and defend legal proceedings. Legal Help and/or Legal Aid is available for the following matters.

  • Possession of a rented home (i.e. eviction from rented accommodation because of rent arrears, antisocial behaviour etc)
  • Unlawful eviction (i.e. taking proceedings against landlords who have evicted you from your home without a court order
  • Community care services (i.e. seeking provision of accommodation via community care assessment requests)
  • Homelessness (i.e. advice and assistance on homeless decisions, eligibility and the allocation of accommodation in discharge of a local authorities homeless duties
  • Disrepair (i.e. is in scope but only were repair works need to be carried out and in circumstances where the disrepair poses a serious risk of harm to the health or safety of the tenant and/or their family
  • Anti-social Behaviour (i.e. defending claims against individuals for injunctions brought by social landlords under s.153 of the housing Act 1996 and also injunctions sought under section 1B of the Crime & Disorder Act 1998 and Protection from Harassment Act 1997.

At Farani Taylor, we are pleased to state that we have now been awarded a Legal Aid Contract to assist clients with any of the above matters. As part of our effort to be able to provide our clients with the best possible assistance, we now have a qualified Solicitor-Advocate named Hamidullah Khan who has an extensive and deep knowledge of all of the above arrears. Hamidullah has 13 years experience with the firm Morgan Hall Solicitors, where he assisted a many clients who were facing homelessness and/or repossession with almost 85% success rate. When matters were concluded, clients praised Hamidullah for his hard work, dedication and ultimately what he achieved for them.

We would also like to state that apart from the above arrears of law, Hamidullah also practises many other areas of law including Civil Litigation, Trust, Contract, Tort, Commercial/Business disputes, Landlord and Tenant disputes, Boundary disputes, etc. Hamidullah also does advocacy and has attended numerous hearings for clients both in the County Courts and High Courts.

Therefore, we are confident to state that we can now provide our clients with the best assistance that they deserve in regards to their matters concerning the above areas of law.