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Litigation is a complex area and can be challenging to resolve. Once it becomes clear a dispute cannot easily be dealt with, it is vital to get expert legal advice at the earliest opportunity. This ensures that you do not become compromised or agree to terms that you later regret. Our litigation solicitors can provide expert assistance and advice that helps with all of this. 

At Farani Taylor, we have a team of litigation solicitors who have years of experience in managing even the most complex of cases.

In recent years, litigation has become even more complex with the blurring of global borders. With international law and cross boundary disputes, it is essential to have legal advice you can trust. Farani Taylor are highly experienced and specialize in dispute resolution. With bilingual experts on the team, cross border communication is not a challenge and we can ensure that you understand how your case is progressing.

Litigation is a term used to refer to a dispute which many arise out of many types of commercial transaction including banking, mergers, property issues, fraud, corporate management and acquisition. Other areas of litigation also include intellectual property, an area which is rapidly expanding. For the leading commercial litigation solicitors, get in touch with our expert team now. Our team of expert litigation solicitors are renowned for their innovative and dynamic approach, and you can rest assured that we will secure the very best possible outcome. We assess every case individually and will provide realistic and honest advice at every step of the way. Whether you are a tenant with a problem landlord or a company director, you will receive our same outstanding service and expert advice from beginning to end.
Some of the areas of litigation we have experience in include:

  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Company litigation
  • Professional negligence disputes
  • Contractual agreements
  • Winding up petitions
  • Private and commercial property
  • Debt recovery
  • License agreements
  • Intellectual property
  • Copyright and trademark issues
  • Estate and probate disputes

Whether you require civil litigation solicitors or property litigation solicitors, if you are in need of litigation support from the Farani Taylor team

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Why Trust Farani Taylor Solicitors ?

At Farani Taylor we assist clients from every walk of life whether it’s at the beginning of a relationship planning a future or at the end of a relationship. We will look at your situation and sensitively and creatively provide advice, developing solutions with your best interests in mind. Our family law solicitors understand your family are the most important people in your life. The value placed upon family and the sensitivity required in handling such matters, particularly when children are involved, is something we at Farani Taylor truly understand. Our experienced, dedicated and empathetic team of family law solicitors are here to provide legal advice and support to you, shaping plans for now and in the future, dependent on your needs and situation.

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How old does a child have to be to decide which parent they live with in the UK?

In England and Wales a child must be 16 in order for them to decide who they live with, unless there are Court Orders in place that state otherwise. You can allow younger children to have a say in this decision but their decision alone will not provide any legal standing.

Does adultery affect divorce settlements in the UK?

There are many misconceptions surrounding divorce, particularly that adultery will financially impact the outcome. The act of adultery, although upsetting, doesn’t usually make any difference to the overall decision regarding assets. A court is not usually interested in why the marriage ended and  tends to look more carefully at resources available to both parties and how they can be divided fairly.

What is a child arrangements order?

A Child Arrangement Order or CAO is an agreement made under UK family law pertaining to where a child will live or who they can have contact with.

How much does family court cost?

Going to court can be very expensive, so it is imperative you choose the right representative from the beginning to ensure your divorce or child arrangements are managed professionally, efficiently and cost effectively.

How do I start a divorce petition?

You can mutually arrange an agreement for your divorce and mutual assets, however, this alone is not legally binding.

In order to make the divorce ‘official’ you will need the support of a family law solicitor who can initiate proceedings. 

If you and your partner are unable to meet a resolution together before this stage, you can go through the process of mediation or again, enlist the help of an experienced family law solicitor who will guide you through the process and help secure a better outcome for your circumstances.

Can a solicitor represent a family member in the UK?

Solicitors are not allowed to represent you if they are a friend or family member, or have been associated with you as a couple during your marriage due to conflict of interest.

Can you help with civil partnership dissolution?

Yes, our family law solicitors have a wealth of experience in civil partnership dissolution and can therefore provide you with more options and better solutions for your circumstances. Please note, before you apply, you can only dissolve a civil partnership in England and Wales if you have been in one for a year.

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