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Danlei Wang

Marketing Manager Chinese Desk

"Danlei is a global marketing and investment professional with a Master's in Fashion Business from the University of the Arts London. Her expertise spans marketing, data analysis, wealth management, and immigration consulting. She contributes to Farani Taylor Solicitors' success in a competitive market."

Danlei Wang

Marketing Manager Chinese Desk

BIOGRAPHY: As a marketing and investment professional with a global perspective, Danlei graduated with a Master’s degree in Fashion Business from the London College of Fashion at the University of the Arts London, achieving excellent grades. Her career path fully demonstrates her ability to drive growth for companies and businesses in highly competitive markets. She has conducted marketing activities in diverse environments, implemented investment strategies, and provided precise business consulting services.

MARKETING EXPERTISE: In the field of marketing, Danlei is not only a strategist but also an executor who utilizes innovative marketing tools and technologies to increase brand market share and consumer engagement. She is proficient in data analysis and market research, enabling her to gain deep insights into customer behavior and to develop effective market positioning and corporate growth strategies.

INVESTMENT CONSULTING: Danlei’s work in investment consulting includes wealth management, portfolio construction, and risk assessment. Her immigration consulting services deal with complex investment immigration programs, and her professional advice has helped clients make wise decisions. Moreover, she provides comprehensive financial consulting services to individual and corporate clients, including asset allocation, market analysis, and risk management.

VERSATILE CAREER Danlei’s career spans a wide range of experiences, from startups to large corporations. She has successfully translated these experiences into comprehensive marketing and investment consulting services for Farani Taylor Solicitors, helping them maintain a leading position in a competitive market.


  • University: University of the Arts London, London College of Fashion
  • Degree: Master’s Degree
  • Institution: Fashion Business School
  • Graduation Year: 2020
  • Major/Field of Study: Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Danlei’s personal interests complement her professional skills, with a passion for music reflected in her activities as a DJ, in music production, and performances. These pursuits not only cultivate her creativity and artistic sense but also her ability to perform under pressure and respond quickly, qualities that are equally manifested and applied in her professional career.


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