Sara Khan | Solicitor | Farani Taylor Solicitors
11th November 2021

Meet Sara Khan

Sara Khan, Solicitor, is a Criminal Defence Specialist who speaks to us about money laundering. She has acted in a variety of cases from violent to financial crime. Sara is a highly experienced criminal law solicitor. She has dealt with a variety of clients regarding various accusations. We ask some of the key questions about…
Money Laundering | Farani Taylor Solicitors | Criminal Law
26th October 2021

Global Organized Crime Index states the UK is a global hub for money laundering

Although the UK boasts some of the strongest anti-money laundering legislation in the world the report states it is a ‘global hub for money laundering’. The Global Organized Crime Index uses both qualitative and quantitative research to provide an assessment of global crime. What does the report outline? The report highlights that the UK is…

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