Sara Khan | Solicitor | Farani Taylor Solicitors
11th November 2021

Meet Sara Khan

Sara Khan, Solicitor, is a Criminal Defence Specialist who speaks to us about money laundering. She has acted in a variety of cases from violent to financial crime. Sara is a highly experienced criminal law solicitor. She has dealt with a variety of clients regarding various accusations. We ask some of the key questions about…
28th February 2020

Possible Legal Aid Reform

The government today announced a consultation in to reforming Legal Aid funding for criminal law. Proposals are for an estimated £32million to £50million increase in funding for criminal advocates and solicitors. Further funding is to ensure the system is sustainable and protect those unable to afford legal representation. What are the proposals? To increase the…
family solicitors in london
4th September 2019

What are Child Care Proceedings?

Sally Masango discusses the importance of understanding Child Care Proceedings and our role in helping clients. Child Care Proceedings We, at Farani Taylor Solicitors, hold a legal Aid Franchise in Family Matters. Should your child be a subject of Care proceedings, we can offer full public funding to regardless of financial means. The local authority…
30th April 2019

Legal Aid and Housing

There is a widespread public perception (in some cases shared by advisers and community organisations) that Legal Help and/or Legal Aid is no longer available for anything other than criminal cases. However, we are happy to state that this is a myth and that Legal Help and/or Legal Aid is available in civil cases (subject…

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