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How is the overhaul of immigration going?

Priti Patel has claimed that the new, firmer stance on immigration has been based on ‘public opinion’ rather than based on ‘economics and culture’. The government ended the free movement of people from the EU and introduced a new points-based system. Therefore, prioritising skill and talent.

Further, they have announced a new model for refugees seeking asylum. Under the new measures those who seek asylum in the UK that have arrived ‘illegally’ can be removed, so long as they travelled through a country they could have sort asylum in.

What they are suggesting is ‘wholescale reform of the [immigration] system’.

What does the system mean for workers seeking to come to the UK?

The government underestimated the numbers of EU migrants that sort live to remain in the UK, with 5.3 million applications. However, many returned to their EU homes after Brexit. This has led to leading Brexiteer, Tim Martin, calling for a new EU worker visa. Businesses like, Wetherspoons, have relied heavily on European migrants and are hiring more staff as they seek to recover from the pandemic.

What is the points-based system?

If you are interested in coming to the UK to work, then you will need to meet the new points-based system. If for a ‘skilled’ job then you are required to speak English, be offered a required job through a sponsor that is paid at either £25,600 or the going rate, whichever is higher.

You can trade points though and earn less. However, there is no current route as demanded by Tim Martin, for employers to hire those generally at nearer minimum wage.

For more information, please see our immigration pages.

Our experts in our immigration department can help you understand the system and whether you meet the requirements. Get in touch to arrange an appointment.

What is the future position for asylum?

Priti Patel outlined that there are currently 80 million displaced people across the globe and that our system is broken. Therefore, it is planned to reduce the incentives to come here illegally and encourage using proper routes to claiming asylum here.

This has been met with deep condemnation from charities and campaigners that believe the new plan could lead to many being unable to escape their current situations. There is particular concern regarding women and children.

The Home Office have argued that those able to afford to be smuggled are being put ahead of those that are vulnerable.

In order to apply for asylum you must have left your country and be unable to return safely due to fear of persecution. The Home Office suggest that you should apply for asylum as soon as you arrive in the UK and not wait, as your application is more likely to be declined.

If you have family settled in the UK, then there are other routes available to you.

If you or a loved one needs assistance with an asylum claim then our experts can help. Get in touch to discuss the situation and we have loads more information on our Asylum pages.