Adeeb Chowdhry, Director, discusses the latest on immigration reforms.

The Home office has today published a policy statement setting out details of the new points based plan to be introduced in January 2021. The changes primarily focuses on skilled workers and the process to recruit workers from outside the UK.  The end of free movement from Europe means that the same requirements will apply to any individual wanting to work in the UK, irrelevant of whether they are from EU or outside the EU.

In a nutshell under the new plan to be eligible to apply to come to the UK, an overseas citizen will need to secure 70 points and for that they will require a job offer (20 points), be applying for a skilled job (20 points), be able to speak English (10 points) and – in most cases – be enjoying a salary of £25,600 or above (20 points).

In comparison to the existing Tier 2 system the new plans do offer more scope and flexibility for skilled workers. However time will tell as to how successful the plan is in the broader context. We have already seen some backlash as the new system does not cater for low skilled workers who will be unable to get visas.

Nevertheless the message from the government is clear:-

“UK businesses will need to adapt and adjust to the end of free movement, and we will not seek to recreate the outcomes from free movement within the points-based system,”

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