At risk of a driving ban?

Christmas period is a time for family and fun. However, Home Office statistics show that 20% of all breathalyser tests are conducted in December. Further, 8% of those tested fail.

A fifth of drivers are caught in the morning after drinking the previous evening.

Drink Driving Limits

Anyone could be required to take a breath test. Depending on the situation you may further need to take urine or blood test.

You are over the limit if should you have more than 35 micrograms of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath.

When can the Police breath test me?

Only a Police Officer can but no longer needs to be in uniform to request the test from you. They must have reasonable cause to stop, suspect that you have consumed alcohol or that you were involved in an accident.

What are the penalties?

Anyone caught driving or attempting to drive while over the legal limit is likely to be banned for 12 months. There are also further factors, if convicted twice within a 10 year period of a prison sentence and unlimited fine.

The severity of the incident determines the likely fine, sentence or ban.

What happens if you are charged?

If you are charged, then you are required to sign a charge sheet. Usually you are bailed and released and provided with a court date.

If you are disqualified from driving, this usually begins if found guilty of drink driving and therefore immediately after the court hearing.

What mitigating circumstances are there?

You may have mitigating circumstances that could convince a court to reduce a ban or seek other punishment, such as:

  1. Your job requires use of a vehicle;
  2. Where you live requires a car
  3. Your personal mitigating circumstances; and
  4. Any other special reasons

What can we do?

Clearly, it depends on your situation but we have experts ready to help. If you were appointed and represented by a duty solicitor at the police station and have been charged to attend Court, you may want to instruct us as solicitors of your own choice.

Our experts argue your case based on your circumstances including any mitigating factors.

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