15th April 2020

Acquiring settlement in the UK as a Victim of Domestic Violence

Mary-Ann Wanjiku discusses the legal aspects regarding domestic abuse. It is estimated that more than one in three women experience domestic violence in their lifetime. What is Domestic Violence? Domestic violence comes in many forms. The best way to overcome it or deal with it is to learn how to recognise it. There is a…
13th March 2020

No one should live in fear

Mary-Ann Wanjiku discusses the legal aspects regarding domestic abuse. It is often the case that those in abusive relationships cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. Domestic abuse can effect anyone. The victims often feel a stigma and are unable to tell anyone. What is domestic abuse? Domestic abuse is unacceptable verbal,…
3rd October 2019

Can you access Legal Aid for Child Arrangement Orders?

We at Farani Taylor believe no child should ever be put at risk. Sometimes due to financial issues children can be placed in danger because you do not have the funds to pay for the right advice. We offer legal aid to clients that meet the set financial parameters. We believe everyone should have access…
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4th September 2019

What are Child Care Proceedings?

Sally Masango discusses the importance of understanding Child Care Proceedings and our role in helping clients. Child Care Proceedings We, at Farani Taylor Solicitors, hold a legal Aid Franchise in Family Matters. Should your child be a subject of Care proceedings, we can offer full public funding to regardless of financial means. The local authority…
family solicitors in london
30th April 2019

How to File for Divorce While Looking After the Best Interests of Your Children

How to File for Divorce Divorce can be hugely stressful on both parties that are involved but when there are children involved, it can become extremely complicated as well. Every year, many couples go through divorce for one reason or another, but naturally their children become a main concern while going through this difficult and…