Changes to Immigration Policies Announced by UK Government

An announcement has recently been made by UK government officials in relation to changes that are being made to immigration policies in Britain. The changes are aimed at providing support and protection to more vulnerable residents as well as encouraging talented and skilled people to study and work in the UK.

One of the major changes that have been outlined in relation to Immigration Rule concerns a new form of leave for children. This change concerns section 67 of the Immigration Act 2016 and means that children who are not deemed eligible for humanitarian or refugee protection will still be able to stay in Britain on a long-term basis.

Free applications for settlement

There are a number of benefits to this change in the Immigration Rule. Those that qualify will be free to study and work in Britain as well as access the UK’s healthcare system and public funding. In addition, after five years they will be able to make an application for settlement without the need to pay any fees.

The changes that are being made to immigration policies will also affect Afghan interpreters and their families who have settled in Britain. After five years’ residence in the UK, those that fall into the category will also be able to apply for settlement. It is thought that around 1100 people may benefit from this Rule change.

Changes to the exceptional talent visa

In addition to these changes, the government has also revealed that it will be making other changes to UK visa routes including the removal of doctors and nurses from the Tier 2 visa cap. The changes, which are being made to the exceptional talent visa, will benefit people from the fashion industry, film and TV, science, the arts, the medical field, and digital technology amongst others.