Is your business hiring a new worker from Europe next year?

Is your business hiring a new worker from Europe next year?

Businesses that rely on skilled foreign workers are unprepared for Brexit. New rules come into force on 1st January 2021. Companies must comply with the immigration system should they wish to continue to utilize European skilled workforce.

The current Home Office statistics indicate that approximately 32,000 businesses have registered for the sponsorship license. The equivalent of 2% of private sector UK employers.

There are industries that rely heavily on European skilled workers such as the food industry and further hospitality. Much of the certification for food standards requires trained workforce, which the UK lacks. Other Hospitality businesses rely heavily on foreign workers for professions such as chefs.

What does this mean?

Without registering for a Sponsorship License, your company will not be able to hire any European workers and your business growth could be constrained until the UK has trained workforce in your specific area.

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