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Meet Hamidullah Khan

Hamidullah Khan is a Director and Solicitor, specialising in Housing, Probate and Litigation discusses housing and tenancy rights. He is known for his methodical approach combined with excellent client service.

Hamidullah is an experienced Civil Litigation, Housing and Welfare Benefit Solicitor-Advocate.

We ask Hamidullah some key questions on legal issues surrounding housing.

What made you want to become a solicitor?

I have always been interested in helping people, law seemed like a great career where I could make a difference. I seemed to gravitate towards areas of law that involved dispute resolution and helping people reach amicable agreements.

Are you concerned that there could be mass evictions?

The eviction ban during the pandemic provided those just getting by the safety of not being thrown out of their homes. However, landlords are shouldering the cost burden, leaving many with difficulties paying mortgages. Landlords need to attempt to recoup their losses but tenants do not have the financial means to repay owing debt. Therefore, without government help, many could be at risk of eviction.

Many charities predicted thousands of people would be at risk of eviction following the pandemic.

What tenancy rights are available to renters?

There are two types of rights, those expressed and those implied. The express terms are contained within your tenancy agreement. These usually contain the aspects like the rent due, when it is due, your obligations, and your landlord’s obligations. If you need something fixed in the property, usually it is outlined in the tenancy agreement when it should be done.

Further, there are implied terms that may not be outlined in the tenancy agreement but are given by law. Implied terms are those such as the right to basic repairs, living without interruption from your landlord, and using the property as a home. One of the biggest responsibilities is to make sure that the home is fit for human habitation.

What should someone do if they are having tenancy problems?

The first thing to do is bring your issue to your landlord. Make sure that you document the issue and when it was raised. If you need something fixed raise it with your landlord and check your tenancy agreement to see how long your landlord has to resolve the issue, as it is usually noted. However, if your landlord is not resolving in a timely manner then contact us.

We can look into the issue and attempt to resolve it on your behalf.

What do you do when you are not helping people with their legal issues?

When I am not at work, I have a lovely family that keeps me busy. When I can I love watching football, whoever is playing.