Marta Figueiredo | Office and HR Manager | Farani Taylor Solicitors

Marta Figueiredo

Office and HR Manager


Marta Figueiredo joined Farani Taylor in 2010, and has since become an integral part of the company. Marta handles all administrative matters of Farani Taylor; she is the Office Manager of our Head Office and also Human Resources Manager.

Marta speaks a number of languages including Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French. Her language skills have been and continue to be a huge asset for the company, especially in interacting with individuals from the European and Latin American market.

Marta has established a strong relationship with the clients due to her excellent approach and friendly attitude. Her responsibilities have continued to evolve in parallel with the growth of the company and as a result, she is an important link between the client and the fee-earner.

Education, Professional Certification, Accreditation, or other Licenses

  • BA Hispanic Studies

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