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Sadhika Obheroi

Media Manager

"Renowned for her visionary approach, Sadhika Obheroi is a master of marketing excellence, adept at orchestrating transformative campaigns and shaping global brand narratives with unparalleled expertise and relentless ambition."

Sadhika Obheroi

Media Manager


Sadhika Obheroi, visionary Media Manager with an unparalleled focus on marketing excellence. With a proven track record of orchestrating intricate campaigns, she specializes in sculpting brand narratives that resonate on a global scale. A dynamic force in the professional arena, Sadhika adorned with a dazzling array of top-tier certifications and wield a Master’s degree from King’s College London that serves as the apex of her academic journey. Her narrative is one of relentless ambition and achievement, where the fusion of profound knowledge and coveted certifications fuels her ability to conquer multifaceted challenges. Armed with this dynamic combination, she stands as a catalyst for innovation and success in the professional landscapes. A perpetual seeker of excellence, Sadhika brings a high-energy approach to every endeavour, transforming theoretical expertise into tangible, dynamic results that resonate across industries.


  • Master of Science in Digital Marketing, King’s College London: Gold Award Recipient, Principal’s Global Leadership Award Recipient.
  • Mini-MBA Diploma, International Business Management Institute (IBM): Dual Business Management Diploma.
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) (Marketing specialization): First Class/Distinction, consistently among toppers club.


  • Brand Management: Aligning Business, Brand and Behavior – London Business School
  • Digital Marketing, Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Data Studio – Google
  • Business English Certificate – University of Cambridge
  • Digital Skills – Web Analytics – Accenture
  • Create Great Content – YouTube
  • Business Futures: Understanding Omni-Channel Retailing and Supply Chains – RMIT, Australia
  • Instagram Marketing: Professional Certificate Program – Academy Europe Open University
  • Guerrilla Marketing – National Workshop/Training – Indian Institute of Management (IIM, Calcutta)


Sadhika stands as an experienced professional in the ever-evolving arena of Digital Marketing, an orchestrator of transformative campaigns that redefine industry benchmarks. Her expertise, an opulent tapestry, encompasses avant-garde digital strategies, from laser-focused search engine optimization (SEO) to immersive social media mastery, compelling content creation, impactful email campaigns, and sophisticated data analytics. Beyond the digital frontier, she wields an adept hand in people management and public relations, seamlessly merging strategic leadership with the art of cultivating impactful connections. In this dynamic landscape, she not only stays abreast of trends but also shapes them, ensuring not just maximal ROI but an enduring legacy of positive brand influence and industry resonance.

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