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Zahur Chowdhry

Head of Islamic Wills


Zahur is a Senior Estate Planner working for Farani Taylor Solicitors. He has been offering estate planning advice for over 30 years. Previously as a Chartered Financial Planner and now as full-time Estate Planning Specialist. Therefore becoming extremely knowledgeable in Inter-Generational Wealth transfers and Inheritance Law. He has advised hundreds of clients to ensure that their Wills and other estate planning marries with their financial and tax planning.

Zahur’s vision is to educate and empower his clients to make the right decisions regards inheritance planning. He does this by keeping up to date with current legislation and applying that to individual client situations. Therefore, the advice you get is the best in the market.

Zahur is passionate about ensuring everyone no matter their background, financial situation or religion access advice. He helped to win a contract with the East London Mosque to ensure that their members have valid legal and shariah compliant Islamic Wills.

Islamic Wills

Zahur is an expert in Islamic Inheritance. Something he disseminates to Mosques, colleagues and clients. He believes that a Muslim should not miss out on tax exemptions because they have an Islamic Will. He works tirelessly with his clients producing expert estate planning reports with his recommendations to them.

Many believe that Islamic Inheritance is fixed. However, Zahur has partnered with Inheritance experts like Shaykh Sulaiman Gani and other Muftis that can ensure that the correct distribution according to Shariah principles is met.

He has built large networks in the Islamic community working with Mosques, Charities and other institutions. He also launched the successful Islamic Wills website, which is a trading style of Farani Taylor Solicitors.

Free Consultation

Zahur offers a free initial consultation. He will discuss your needs at the appointment and make suggestions on appropriate planning.

He also holds appointments at the East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre every Tuesday and Thursday. Thus supporting the thriving Muslim community.


“Zahur and his team provided an exceptional service, showing care and consideration during a sensitive time for the family. His professional approach ensured that we were constantly reassured and that our expectations in relation to our Wills were respected and met. I would unreservedly recommend the services of Farani Taylor.”

Aisha Samad

“I have been impressed by the level of service provided by Zahur and his team at Farani Taylors. Zahur spent a number of meetings with us and explained everything in detail and listened and answered our queries with much professionalism and patience. I thoroughly recommend Zahur and the services provided by Farani Taylor.”

Shuaib Qureshi

“A lot of discussion took place with Zahur prior to the final version of the will. All was explained fully and I did not feel rushed. I now have a will all set up thanks to Zahur. I would definitely recommend to my family and friends.”

Salma Khan

“Thank you very much for completing and sending my Will. It is a relief that we will be able to manage my financial affairs more professionally whilst also following the Islamic laws. I am less anxious now my Will has been finalised and was very happy with the way you managed it. I am also very grateful to you with the excellent tax planning advice you were able to provide to me.”

Raz Miah


Zahur is also an ECB cricket coach and on weekends volunteers his time and effort to help young cricketers develop at his local cricket club and county.