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Graduate Visa

If you are a student looking to come to study in the UK, we can help. Our team understand the rules and can help assess your application.

The Graduate Visa allows foreign students who have completed an eligible higher education course in the UK to remain in the UK for a further two or three years to work in the UK or to look for work in the UK. Applicants will not be required to prove that they have a job offer as this route gives leeway for applicants to work in the UK without a Certificate of Sponsorship. For more information you can contact our team member Sajjad Hussain.

What are the pre-requisites for applying for a Graduate Visa?

Applicants will need to meet education-orientated requirements under the points-based system of the UK’s Immigration Rules, which mandates 70 points as a minimum in order to successfully receive leave to remain under the Graduate visa route. This includes:

1.      a successful completion of course requirement; which requires the completion of the course specified in the applicant’s Certificate of Acceptance.

2.      Been sponsored by a UK Higher Education provider, ie: University that holds an A-rated Student Sponsor License.

3.      a study in the UK requirement, which consists of at least 12 months of studying your course in the UK.

Eligible courses of study must include a UK bachelor’s or Master’s degree or the following exhaustive courses:

1.      A Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)

2.      The Legal Practice Course (LPC)

3.      The Bar Practice Course (BPC)


Applicants are to note that a Graduate Visa can only be applied for once, regardless of becoming a sponsored student once again. This visa route must also be applied for whilst you are currently a student in the UK under the appropriate visa permission. 

What are the duration periods for the Graduate visa?

For applicants, other than PhD students, the period of grant will be a standard two years.

For PhD students, this will be a period of three years.


It is essential that applicants are aware that a Graduate Visa is non-extendable, therefore applicants are advised to switch to another immigration route prior to their current leave expiry. 

Can I work and study in the United Kingdom as a Graduate?

Successful applicant will be permitted to work in all types of jobs excluding work as a professional sportsperson.


Applicants are also allowed to study in the UK, subject to conditions set out by the Home Office. 

Can a Graduate gain settlement through the Graduate visa in the UK?

The Graduate route unfortunately does not lead to settlement in the UK, however there are other routes, such as the Skilled worker route, that Graduates can ‘switch’ to, that will provide settlement opportunities.


We understand that you may have additional queries regarding your viable pathways into the Graduate Visa route; our Immigration teams at Farani Taylor Solicitors can assist you, having special expertise in Graduate visa assistance. You may get into contact with a member of our team or contact us at 0207 242 1666.

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If you are looking for help and guidance or have a question relating to Student Visas, please contact us today on +44 (0)20 7242 1666.

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Key Contacts

If you are looking for help and guidance or have a question relating to Student Visas, please contact us today on +44 (0)20 7242 1666.

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